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Looping Through Files In A Folder

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Posted 10 May 2006 - 08:29 PM


I have users upload files (gifs, jpegs etc..) via a form and code that remanes these files, creates a specifically named folder and stores the files therein!

I also have code that can then create

A. a thumbnail and
B. a smaller version of the original file for viewing when the thumbnail is clicked

What I'm missing is code that 'links' the two together.

So - I'm looking for a way to...

1. cycle through all the files in a known folder
2. pass each file to code that creates the thumbnail and reduced file size file - that will create 1 thumbnail and 1 reduced file from each original
3. delete the original files in the folder once 1 & 2 have completed succesfully

Any ideas?

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