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Mail() on remote windows server not working ...

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.. or more accurately, when I use the mail() function (even a *very* simple five liner script) on this remote windows server I get no errors, simply nothing gets delivered. Now I know the host is using a windows server configured with PHP5.

Looking at the phpinfo I can see that the SMTP server name is set, so is the path but sendmail_from is set to me@localhost.com and the sendmail_path has no value! I don't know whether they need to be set or whether they're needed at all. This is driving me nuts!

I've also installed a forum on the same host and no mails get delivered from the forum either so it seems it must be the host's configuration that's giving trouble. What I'm looking for is someone to let me know how the host *should* have their server set up so that my mail() functions will work ok. And how can I test that it's working. Remember they're using a windows server with PHP5.

I really hope someone can shed some light on this as I'm going round in circles!!

Thanks so much


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[a href=\"http://www.whproductions.com/info.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.whproductions.com/info.php[/a]

That's the info listing from my personal site. It's on Linux, but the principle should be the same. I suggest contacting your host and asking them to look into it.

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