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What do you guys eat when codin


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Hi Guys,


for me i pig out on sweeties and crisps , and juice just about everything that i shouldn't be eatin lol then i have to take a few weeks to get my weight down again lol, what does everyone else snack on? or do you not eat at all?





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I follow a fairly strict diet.  I usually eat two pieces of fresh fruit by 10AM and another 1 or 2 pieces by 11AM.  Then I eat a moderately sized frozen dinner for lunch; by moderately sized I mean I don't chow down one of those 4 pound hungry man things.  It's either a lean cuisine or smart ones and most of the time they're under 400 calories and only a few grams of fat.  Dinner is usually baked chicken or fish with no butter and very little seasoning, steamed rice, and steamed vegetables.


Most of the day I drink water but I do have two small cups of coffee in the morning at work and occasionally a glass of juice.


Outside of my regular diet I rarely snack on anything.  I think most people use snacking as a mechanism for keeping themselves awake during otherwise mundane activities.  Studying for a class or programming for work can get quite dull so by keeping our bodies constantly moving (hand to snack bag to mouth and back) we're able to stay awake.


Instead of using snacking to keep myself awake every hour or so I actually get up and wander around.  I drink tons of water so bathroom visits are necessary.  If I'm feeling especially tired I get up and do a few minutes of light stretching and something physical, like jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, squats, leg lifts, or karate.  I find that by the time I sit back down my mind is rested and I have more energy.

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Skip breakfast every morning.


Get into the office and have tea and cake, followed by several more cups of tea, then pop out and get a sandwich (traditional, baguette, toasted or wrap) with a bag of crisps or something around 12ish, along with several more cups of tea, while coding.


Dinner in the evening, varying from something healthy like pasta and salad to something not so healthy like a pizza, while drinking about half a bottle of red wine, coding personal / internal projects. Yes, I'm eating and drinking that while working.


I'm writing code pretty much 10-12 hours a day, eating and drinking stuff that's generally not considered proper healthy. Though I weigh less than 10 st. (which isn't healthy for my height). I used to exercise, but never have time any more, so get knackered quite easily - I should really cut down my work hours and sort myself out...

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Normal school day:


Eat light breakfast, mid-sized lunch, come home, code from 5:30-10, with some homework (papers, etc...), and I have loads of snacks. Extremely unhealthy, and I should reduce my intak, because even though im in shape I'm sure I could go without the  extra garbage in my system.

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I drink about 3-4 cups of tea a day and I tend not to eat snacks at all on the computer - and I think the main problem people face when eating snacks on the computer is that it becomes a habit - not hunger. I take considerate breaks after coding as it is quite tiring, but satisfying when the work is completed. It's best to get some fresh air as well as exercise regularly otherwise you'll replace bad-habit snacking to good exercise which you need. Not good to stay at a computer 24/7 coding.

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Wake up and eat a bowl of fruit loops or cocoa puffs.  I skip lunch about half the time (usually not hungry around then), but when I do eat lunch it varies from more cereal, to a big sloppy cheeseburger from jack in the box. 


I pretty much never snack between meals and if I do it's usually a cold salad (does wonders in the heat I live in). 


Dinner is usually some sort of chicken or beef.  As for drinks I usually down 2-3 pepsi's (12oz) a day (pretty unhealthy, but what kind of American would I be without it?), and aside from that I chug lots of Arizona Green Tea, it's delicious. 


I would expect to be pretty fat with such diet but luckily that's not the case.  I only weigh 180lbs and am in pretty decent shape.  And by decent I mean 'average', not soccer champion of the world or anything.

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I have a pretty sizable collection of Mountain Dew empties next to my desk, and a rather monumental pile of pizza boxes. (Time to do some office-cleaning, I think.)


But when I'm off the clock, I even it out with some of my healthier favorites - chicken salad sandwiches, taco salad, and various soups - I love cream of broccoli, tomato, and ham & pea. I've also been known to make a mean sandwich. My favorite recipe: roast beef, swiss cheese, onions, tomato, and mayo, grilled on honey oat or jalapeno bread. It helps to grill the onions a bit first, so they lose the bitterness and take on an almost sweet flavor.


This may or may not have been inspired by the fact that I haven't eaten anything for a few hours. :)

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