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SSL question ?

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I have one Login form that collects UserID and Password.


I will hide UserID and Password from network sniffers and encrypt the

traffic between client and server using OpenSSL.


After the user has logged in I want the user to continue using other

scripts in one particular directory without using SSL.


I\'m assuming that since I keep track of the user using a generated SessionID (using PHP) when he logged in, I can keep sniffers away. Is this right or can a \'sniffer\' actually grab my members SessionID and use it for getting access to my members pages?


I would like to run only one apache webserver! Same webserver for clients just browsing without logging in (not using SSL), and for my members when they log in (use SSL just for login in).


How to I do this?

And how should the directory structure be like for making it work?

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