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Jump to anchor after form validation

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Hi, I would really appreciate your help on this. I've seen a similar post here, but I still couldn't figure my problem out. I have a page with two nested forms; the inner has a text input field where the user enters an ID and then clicks on a "Preview" button to upload information for that ID from the database onto another section of the form. This upload must take place before hitting "Save" to submit the main form.

I have a [rather complex] validation code on form submission. If the validation fails, I want to reload the page at a specific anchor. Problem is, the form jumps to the anchor only when Save is clicked twice. I understand that some kind of refresh needs to be done.

Does anyone know how to implement that refresh offhand, or do you need code to illustrate?


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Clarification: What I'm doing is SERVER-SIDE validation code, and I want to reload the form on the client-side at a specific anchor if the validation was unsuccessful.

I have partially figured it out: The anchor doesn't work because the form is inside a function in a different class; the main class (which $_SERVER{"PHP_SELF"] refers to) performs validation and then calls a function in another class, which prints the form. Thus, the anchor is not found and, therefore, not redirected. Can anyone suggest a workaround?

Much appreciated.

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