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Using multiple conditions in SELECT statement

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I'm having a problem with this little statement and I was wondering if someone could put me right on where i'm going wrong.

$query= mysql_query("SELECT * from friend WHERE {friend1='$userid' AND friend2='$_POST[friend]'} OR {friend1='$_POST[friend] AND friend2='$userid'}")or die("could not select friends record from friends");

I only want to select the record (and as i have it setup there can only be one record) where either the user of the page's id is in either friend1 or friend 2 and the other use that they have selected in a pulldown list is in the other friend column.

So for example if user of the page's id was 1 and the person they had selected had an id of 3 then it would select either when friend1 has the id 1 and friend2 has the id3 in it or friend1 has the id of 3 and friend 2 has the id of 1.

Hope this is clear enough for you to understand. Help appreciated as always.


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Looks fine to me -- but you should be using parentheses, not curlies.

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