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Running a function from within a module, except when part of an "include"

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I'm attempting to do something that other languages like python seem to make easy, and so I'm sure php has a way to do it, though I've never seen code that does.

What I want to be able to do is write modules that include functions, sometimes just one function. Ex:

file: example.php
function blah()
echo "blah";



I want to be able to call the function blah() from another file, but I don't want the function call to blah() that is in the file to happen when I do the include("example.php") in whatever file that is going to call the blah() function.

The reason I want to do this is I write a bunch of functions all in seperate files that get called by an index.php page and puts all the output of the functions in a dom draggable <div>. But I also want to be able to access the function on it's own page by directly navigating to the module.

Is there some way to not execute a piece of code if it's being caused by an include() or require()?


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