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D'ya think DB updates can be affected by AV guards?

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A Website I've been running for 4 years now. It has new pix on a regular basis and the older pix are archived. Visitors may register (via PHP/MySQL) to access the Gallery Archive. No problems for 3+ years. Now, on an irregular basis, some registrations make it into MySQL while others don't.

I've spent days researching the problem and the only thing that comes to mind is Virus Protection software. The PHP/MySQL script/code has been turned inside out and outside in. It works as expected with some requests and not at all with others. Registrations have been successful in Southern California but not in New England; Okay from Spain last week but a failure today from Canada!

E-mails are sent to the regsitrant and to the Webmaster upon [b]successful [/b]completion of the DB update.

(Hmmmm. One more posibility just came to mind. Let that be a lesson: describing a problem to others can lead to discovery of your own possible oversights!)

More later! But if you have any thoughts, please respond!

dlowery in Los Angeles

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AV is definitely NOT the problem -- if they can connect to your public website, then the server is fine, and all the back-end stuff has nothing to do with the user's set-up. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you may get intermittent failures... have you checked all relevant logs (e.g. Apache, MySQL, etc.)?

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