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Read & download MSSQL 'image' field


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We have a MSSQL database and inside of said database we have a document storage system. This is not developed or maintained by me but I have been given the honor of developing a small web app that can read from it.


The row type is set as "image" and not "blob" so I'm trying to figure out where to go or where to read so I can find out how to read, display and allow a user to download the file from a MSSQL image field using php. The end result is the user can download the file.


Probably said more then I needed to and didn't explain enough of what should have been said. All I'm looking for is a direction, link or a good read on this subject. Thank you for any help you provide!

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As an update I've done some more research into this and I've read entirely too much for one person in a day...


Has anyone ever tried to do this before? This is messing with my perception of reality at this point.


I found an MSDN article about streaming an image object from MSSQL using a set of MSSQL 2005 drivers and well, it's not working. I can't even authenticate using their drivers which makes sense as I'm using MSSQL 2000. I dunno, I'm going crazy and now my boss wants me to call MS to find a solution. I'm trying to find a more cost effective way of doing this or at least see if it can even be done :/

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