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problem with image when page is included

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i"m working on a website in php and i have a problem with images.
when i include a page it does not show the images i put on the php page.
but when i look up the php page itself (not included on another page) it shows the images.
if you could help me it would be nice, thanks.

here are the pages :
[a href=\"http://www.chirokarreveld.be/test/index.php?page=afdelingen\" target=\"_blank\"]page included not working..[/a]

[a href=\"http://www.chirokarreveld.be/test/pages/afdelingen/afdeling.php\" target=\"_blank\"]working page[/a]

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Well when you include a page using PHP, even if in another directory as in your case, it becomes part of the page. Meaning if in the include file, you have an image src that should work, it won't when you include it because it has moved a directory.. if tht makes any sense?? :S

..basically just change the source of the images from..

(for example)


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