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.frm / .MYD / .MYI files


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Hi all,


In my infinite wisdom and staggering ineptitude, I had a crash and lost all of the info on my testing webserver. I've since reinstalled the webserver, and am about to get into re-integrating my MYSQL files from a backup.


I'm running XAMPP on a windows machine, and in the mysql/data folder there are folder entries for the various databases I set up.


My question is - Once I have recreated the blank DB of the same name of the original DB, is it OK to simply go and grab the relevant .frm / .MYD / .MYI files from the backup, and copy them to the DB's folder?

... or are there implications of doing that?


All info appreciated.


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The best way would be having a dump (that means a file in which you have all sql commands to recreate the db), but if you don't have it, you can try that way. Given that all your tables were MyIsam table, of course.

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