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SQL Joins

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Hi All,

Anyways... I have to try and fix a MS Access report my boss actually PAID someone to do, and it runs like crap.

We have an Active table, and an Archive table, to make access to the data in the active table quicker.

When running reports tho, we need to add the results of the Active table to the results from the Archive table.

They have one query running on the active, and the same one running on the Archive table. It then uses a MS Access thing called a UNION SELECT, which pretty much just puts the results on top of each other to make 1 recordset.

Is there a type of join that can do this? UPPER JOIN sounds like a good name for one... thats what I would call it if I made it...

By the way, I'm not using PHP for (Although I would like to...)



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In a word, No.

JOINS take data from related records and aggregate the related columns of data in to single row.

In this case, UNION is the way to do it.

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