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In Topic: Problem embedding Youtube-video

23 February 2013 - 10:40 PM

Hows about you just go onto youtube and copy the embed code it provides??

In Topic: PHP login form

19 February 2013 - 09:42 AM

Laura, can you post the code again?

In Topic: PHP login form

18 February 2013 - 11:54 PM

I immediately noticed something;

$q = "SELECT * FROM `client` WHERE `Username`= '$username' AND `Password`= '$passLIMIT 1";

This is wrong: "='$username' AND `Password`= '$passLIMIT 1"

Firstly, the query is inside quotation marks and so when you want to define a variable you need to do this: Username = ' . " $username " . ' AND Password = ' . " $passLIMIT 1 " . '
This is because inside the quotation marks it is text and so you need to close the text in the var with the closing " and then add the period (.) to join the text in the variable and the foloowing together. then put your variable ($var) then another period (.) to join the next together and then open the text again ". I hope this makes sense.

Also, at the end of this line:
$q = "SELECT * FROM `client` WHERE `Username`= '$username' AND `Password`= '$passLIMIT 1";
You haven't put a apostrophe to close the SQL value.


In Topic: Setting session with onclick jquery

09 February 2013 - 11:50 PM

Thanks muchly, that shouldn't be too hard then. :)

In Topic: JavaScript form textbox value detection not working correctly.

25 June 2012 - 02:47 PM

Sorry, I didn't explain that enough it was quite late.

Okay, I want the dim effect to be removed when you've got focus on any of these: forename, surname, sex, country. If a value has been selected or has been inputed into one I want the dim effect to stay removed if you take the focus off. If nothing has been inputed or selected and you take the focus of I want it to put the dim back. I hope that makes better sense.  :-\