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PHP & DevOps

24 April 2014 - 01:18 AM

Currently I have 10-15 hours a week available within my schedule which I would obviously like to get filled, so I am available to take on either smaller projects, or larger projects over a longer periods of time.

I am by no means a cheap developer, but you get what you pay for. I work professionally as a contracted developer and as such any business dealings will be dealt with in a professional manner following tried and true practices.

I have close to ten years experience in the industry, I am an admin on this very forum am an active member of the community here.

I have experience with many of the modern frameworks and libraries including Symfony, Laravel, Guzzle & React as well as years of experience maintaining Linux & BSD based servers (mostly Debian, Gentoo and FreeBSD). I work to standards and believe in quality through test driven design and implementation.

I can be contacted via a PM on the forums here or emailed directly via trq+freaks at thorpesystems.com


Just put it to rest.

13 July 2013 - 10:13 PM


The code base sux anyway.

Top 10 Development Tools.

29 March 2013 - 06:00 AM

Following on from my reply to ballhogjoni's What do you think thread. I thought I'd ask the question - what development tools can you not work without? Or at least, what is your top 10 list of development tools?

For me (in no particular order);

1 ) MacBookPro (and no, I don't have the retina one). Being a long term Linux user it has taken me a while to admit to, but now days, I love my Mac. It's an awesome desktop machine yet still has all the power of unix underneath including my old faithful Bash shell.

2 ) Vim. I have been using vim for many years now and wont use anything else. It's light, customisable, on every machine I work with.

3 ) Git. Git has version control pretty well spot on in my opinion. It does what it's meant to and stays out of my way, but also has lots of cool tricks that make development so much easier.

4 ) Github. While I'm not someone lucky enough to use Github on a daily basis, I do have a few of my own projects hosted there. It's an awesome resource for developers and has IMO improved the lay of the land in regards to FOSS software dramatically over the last few years.

5 ) HomeBrew. Coming from Linux to Mac, there are obviously a bunch of tools that would otherwise not be easy to install / update. brew makes this easy.

6 ) Vagrant. With most of my development work still taking place within a Linux environment. Vagrant makes it easy to setup these environments in a predictable mannor.

7 ) tmux. I simply cannot work without this awesome tool.

8 ) Jira. We have been using this at work now for about the last 12 months. With a good workflow and process in place this has been bar far the best issue tracking I have used.

9 ) Funtoo. My all time favourite Linux distribution. Super customisable and light weight. Not exactly what I would call user friendly however, but thats cool - it's a great learning tool as well. We maintain around 1200 servers where I work, all of which until recently were FreeBSD. Around 12 months ago however I was put in charge of building a Linux based system for us to use. I chose Funtoo as our base and don't have any regrets at all. An awesome OS that has been great fun to work with.

10 ) Puppet. While I have only recently started really using puppet for more than just a few simple tasks this tool is really starting to shine as a part of our day to day process at work. I hail it.

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20 September 2012 - 12:09 AM

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19 September 2012 - 11:21 AM

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