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In Topic: About The New Forums

25 September 2012 - 12:32 AM

I like the new look, not too crazy about the WYSYWIG editor though. I need a bigger "INSERT CODE" button. or disable button... or disable it permanently for myself. Either way, this is a million times better than SMF. I always regretted going to SMF. I think we used IPB before that if I'm not mistaken. They have improved it greatly and I'm stoked about the changes.

In Topic: Mysql_Fetch_Array Argument Not Valid

24 September 2012 - 06:18 PM

I think the problem is you're overwriting $conn within the while loop:

#execute the query
$conn = @mysql_query($sql2 )
or die(mysql_error());
if ($conn) {
echo"<br />Classes Copied";

Instead, maybe try:

#execute the query
$conn2 = @mysql_query($sql2 )
or die(mysql_error());
if ($conn2) {
echo"<br />Classes Copied";

In Topic: About The New Forums

22 September 2012 - 11:39 PM

Hehe it's a glitch in the matrix

In Topic: Delete All Html In Comments

22 September 2012 - 01:13 AM

Your call to htmlspecialchars() isn't necessary and shouldn't be there without being used. Check the PHP Manual..
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM comments ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10");
htmlspecialchars ()  // <--- Why is this even here? It's not being called right, not ending with a ; .  
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
  echo "<div class='comment'><b><center>".$row['username'] . "</b></center><br><br><center><i>" . $row['comment']."</i></center><>";
  echo "<br/>";

In Topic: Ignore empty fields in PHP form mailer

22 September 2012 - 01:07 AM

The simple way would be use empty or a string comparison.
if(!empty($_POST['foo'])) {
// do something

// or

if(strlen($_POST['foo']) > 0) {
// do something

You can also use some comparison operators to compare other values like integers, exact matches, and etc.