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Just out of curiosity... Facebook.

01 December 2011 - 05:15 PM

I often sit back and wonder.  Communities like PHP Freaks have been around long before the inception of Facebook.  We were teaching people how to code back when PHP was breaking the ground.  When Zuck was sitting in his dorm room cranking away at code (hahah, LOL) do you think he and his homies were using PHP Freaks under some unknown names to learn how to build their site?  I find it hard not to believe that in some capacity, sites like PHPFreaks helped build the main platforms that the internet is hobbling over these days.

Funny thing is, when I jokingly submitted my online job application last year to Facebook for an Applications Operations Engineer - all I put in the box was "Hi, I'm phpfreak, founder of PHPFreaks.com"  in their online form.  I got a call the very next day and that initiated a 5 phase interview - even without having a formal resume.  Jokingly I breezed through the first 4 interviews, then got serious and screwed it up somehow.  I'm glad I'm not there now, but at some point, it was almost a reality.

They must know who we are and what we do.

Any thoughts?

Merry Christmas PHP Freaks!

25 December 2010 - 03:46 PM

Hey everyone,

I wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas to all!  Thanks for using PHP Freaks and being part of the community. Good things are ahead for 2011!


PHP Freaks - New FrontEnd?

03 December 2010 - 02:48 PM

Hi Everyone,

Lately we have been messing around with a new front end that we're thinking about porting over to PHPFreaks with some modifications.  This front end is called "Social Engine" and is written using Zend Framework.  Our front end right now is excellent, but we're considering options to get people more involved and interacting with the site.  This Social Engine looks like a great start, but we would like your input before going crazy and doing all the work.

We started up a test site called "Geeks Aholic" to test out the software and do some coding on it. If we like what we see on the back end and you like the front end - perhaps we will make the switch.  Please check out http://geeksaholic.com and grab an account and test out the features.  Some of the really cool things like "Groups" and "Chat" are the features we found most interesting - however this thing operates and looks almost identical to Facebook - so with that kind of change, feedback would be welcome before we attempt it.

Again, please check out the front end on http://geeksaholic.com  - grab an account and post something - we will integrate the software (on phpfreaks.com domain name) with our existing forums here so that nothing will be lost, provided we get some support.  SocialEngine has already donated a license to PHPFreaks, so this won't cost us anything but some time.  It's either Sink or Swim against the social networks out there, and this is a good way to start trying to swim.

Thanks for your feedback!

PHP Freaks Breaks 100,000 Members!

02 November 2010 - 01:42 PM

I'm pleased to announce that PHP Freaks broke through the 100,000 member mark last night ! Wahoo!

PHP Freaks on Facebook

30 October 2010 - 03:49 PM

Here's a Facebook page for PHPFreaks - feel free to join us: https://www.facebook...280950371965616



Or if you prefer Google+: