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Yesterday, 03:30 PM


You should look into Websockets.

Websockets is an alternative protocol that was designed to solve the exact problem you articulated -- basically being persistent bi-directional communication.

One component based websocket server written in PHP is Ratchet -> http://socketo.me/

In Topic: Help using sockets

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

Someone may have wrapped memcache and created a queue implementation, but there's nothing specific in it that helps with queue creation, whereas Redis has the List datatype and push and pop operations that work with a List.

If you need a simple queue, then go for Redis rather than memcached.

In Topic: Which frame work would i select?

Yesterday, 03:18 PM

Most frameworks exist to handle the following concerns:

-Components/Reusable Libraries
-Data persistence

By far the most popular solution to this in the web world, is an implementation of the Model - View - Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Almost every framework provides an implementation of this design pattern. The better you understand MVC, the simpler it is to go from framework to framework and navigate it.

There has also been a major advancement in the php world, with PSR-0, the creation of the symfony project version 2 components, and corresponding creation and adoption of composer as the de facto component installation and dependency management tool for PHP.

For these reasons, I'd recommend Symfony framework. It drove much needed innovation in the PHP ecosystem, is well documented, and has a solid support community.

My fallback would be Laravel, which can boast similar resources.

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Yesterday, 02:51 PM

Hi there Ginerjm i don't see why you think it's funny to mock me i have dyslexia and find it hard to EXPLAIN what help i need   NEXT TIME PLEASE think twice about mocking people


You were not being mocked. Your post is extremely hard to read because you didn't use any punctuation at all.

Ginerjm volunteers his time to help people like you with their questions. His feedback is useful to you, because it reflects the way you will be judged by others when they encounter your thoughts in written form.

I understand that punctuation can be difficult for people who have Dyslexia. That doesn't unfortunately, change the fact that it is a required part of the language in written form. I also noticed that you didn't use capitalization in your question, but when you chided Gingerjm, you seemed to use and understand where it was required, so clearly you are able to capitalize properly when motivated to do so. I urge you to seek out a Dyslexia tutor to help you with your punctuation issue, if it is something that is still problematic for you.

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Yesterday, 02:25 PM

I took your IP addy out of your post.  Not a great idea to post that type of info to a public forum.   :pirate: