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    Hi Barand, Amazing code and you only read a description of my bookmark profile. You are a 'helluva' coder. Your expertise and mastery shows in your replies. I don't really need to change anything that you have posted other than names but i didn't post to get free code. I am trying to learn from your example. I'm reading about sql now so that i can think better about these problems and approprite solutions. I'd like to come to the same conclusions as you oneday. I really learn alot from you and i thank you for that. Meantime, i've changed the last login code and it works well. I was actuly just inserting your login into lastlogin then inserting the current login into current login. I guess it is easier to say that login becomes your last login before i update the login. I guess i was thinking wrong here. Your idea is better. I don't have time to add the book mark code today. I have alot of things to do and i am behind schedule. I'll read more about sql before i go to bed, then tomorrow i will tackle this topic. I finished adding the bookmark profile to each page, so all i have to do now is submit it to the dbase. This code example is a great start! I also have to read the data from the db before i can display the bookmarks. I do not have so much coding experience as you do, so i am a bit slow. I'll update the post when i can finish this feature. I'll let you see the final code here so you can offer an opinion if you want to do so. Thank you, Barand, i have learned alot about sql today. You are steeringme in the right direction!
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