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  1. archive's post in Redirecting user... was marked as the answer   
    Use a root based path as you might not know where you are redirecting from:
    header('Location: /soapbox/index.php');// same as typing http://localhost/soapbox/index.php #header('Location: /new_page.php'); #header('Location: /index.php'); #header('Location: /soapbox/index.php'); #header('Location: /soapbox/channel/index.php');
  2. archive's post in including that first file in php was marked as the answer   
    $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] ... defs.php and then add whatever path you are using to get to the defs.php file.
    Only have one version of the file, otherwise it will be a nightmare to keep up to date and pointless having it in the first place.
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