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  1. foxclone's post in Can this email validation page be improved? was marked as the answer   
    @mac_gyver Disregard - I forgot to turn caching off for my main site.  Thanks for all your help.
  2. foxclone's post in Adding second website config to Apache was marked as the answer   
    @gizmola - Disregard all previous messages. Got everything working. Some files were owned by me but were in Root group.
    Thanks for everything.
  3. foxclone's post in Changing text displayed at end of countdown in timer script was marked as the answer   
    @requinix - Thanks. Fixed like this:
    <p id="test"> The Update will be done in <span id="countdowntimer">10 </span> Seconds</p> <script type="text/javascript"> var timeleft = 10; var downloadTimer = setInterval(function() timeleft--; document.getElementById("countdowntimer").textContent = timeleft; if(timeleft <= 0) clearInterval(downloadTimer); if(timeleft == 0) document.getElementById("test").textContent = "Update Complete"; },1000); </script> NOTE: Added second if statement.  
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