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  1. Lamez

    Need Help

    Is it any better? http://hometron.co.cc/_w/
  2. Lamez

    Need Help

    oh, I see. I wish I could.
  3. Lamez

    Need Help

    what do you mean? Start over, again?
  4. Lamez

    Need Help

    lol, is it the background?
  5. Lamez

    Need Help

    ok I have change some, I do not think the logo, and background fit, but what do you guys think? http://hometron.co.cc/web/index.html
  6. Lamez

    Need Help

    lol I explained why some of the stuff is there. I copied the text for some content to see how it would look with long text. The logo is just a place holder to see how it looks with a logo. But, thanks for the help. I will take those suggestions and run with them!
  7. Lamez

    Need Help

    Let me explain. I copied the text from some science website, just to have some content. The logo is just a place holder, I think the logo is ugly as poo. The website is going to sell yorkies, don't ask me. I think the over all design is crap. I just need some guidance on creating a better website. Honestly, I thought the colors where great.
  8. I am making a website for a client, but I am having trouble with the nav bar, and the total layout of the website. Please tell me what I should do! http://hometron.co.cc/web/
  9. When the economy is artificially manipulated the results will be large, and negative.
  10. Even though Obama is becoming the next President, there is not much he can do. In 1999, 2000, and in 2001, the government had a surplus in money. Bush thought it would be a good idea to send back $400 per independent for every family. Then he created a bill to cut taxes. This bill is special, it cannot be touched or destroyed until it has expired. This bill will not expire until 2010. If this bill did not take place, and we use the surplus of money wisely we might not be in this situation. Gotta love Economics!
  11. Ya, sounds good, I will refer her to who I use now.
  12. ya, but I pay monthly. So I am paying to host her website, I think not! I will make her start her own account.
  13. I might have a possible client. She wants a website, how do I handle hosting? Do I add her to my account, make her start her own account, and make her pay for the fees? Thanks Guys!
  14. You know what, I forgot to create the bridge.
  15. I have wireless internet at my house. I decided I wanted to my Xbox online. I went out and bought a ethernet switch, but I am boggled on how it works. Here is what I am trying to do. Bridge my wireless connection to ethernet port. Then plug the ethernet cable from the ethernet port to the switch, then run another cable to the xbox. Well I am not able to connect to the internet with my xbox, am I doing it wrong? I use to be able to take a ethernet cable, that is bridge to my wireless connection, to my xbox and it would work wonderfully. The only reason I bought a switch, is so I can view the website hosted on the xbox. Any Help?
  16. Well I have had a few peeps call and ask for my service, but I was not interested.
  17. Does anyone know how MythTv works for XBMC?
  18. Ya, I said nothing, and no response, if they really wanted my service they would have called, or sent another email.
  19. Linux lacks end-user support, making it hard.
  20. I posed an ad on crag's list, that says what computer services I can preform. Then I got this e-mail today that says the following: But she sent this email to tons of other addresses, I took them out, so then I responded and told 'em I could do it for $60.00 per PC. So then they responds with: This time, she only responded to me, and there was no other emails. Should I only give my phone number, and ask to speak with them over the phone rather than email?
  21. Lamez


  22. XD Someone said that in one of my classes today. Did you get that in a text or whatnot?
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