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  1. Sarah Palin. lol shes hot Thats bullshit. What a Fox News kind of thing to say. People voted for Obama because: 1: People have lost patience with the Republicans. 2: They see George Bush when they look at McCain. 3: People felt nervous aboout having Palin as Vice President. 4: The McCain ticket and Republican media outlets spent more time trying to tar Obama as a socialist than paying attention to the fears for the economy. 5: McCain was unimaginative. No, I said if we where the exact same, with the same VP or similar, then people would choose him. I never said that it was because he was black, you assumed it, but I did mean it! lawl, its just my opinion. Obamba is inexperienced, but McCain is old as well.
  2. Hey! I am running Linux! On my Desktop and Server
  3. If Obama was not somewhat black, then he would have not won, but then again he did bring up some good issues with some good solutions. However, I could say the same thing, and promise the same, and if I was running against him, I would not win. It is not the fact that he is "black" as far as I did not want him to win, but it was what he believed in is why I do not like him. I still did not like McCain, but his beliefs are better than Obama's.
  4. Lamez

    Uh Oh!

    Thanks guys! I will keep all this in mind
  5. Can you give me some reasons why you wanted Obama to win?
  6. Lamez

    Uh Oh!

    I am up for it, however I think all he will want is a website with content, and maybe a contact form, but I have no idea.
  7. I guess that means hell froze over, but I do recall seeing a pig fly.
  8. Lamez

    Uh Oh!

    Well he is going to call me tomorrow apparently, but I have no idea if he wants advice, or if he want me to build a complete website.
  9. Lamez

    Uh Oh!

    My dad decided I was skilled enough to refer me to someone to build a website, I can do this, however I am not as skilled as I should be, so I was wondering if charging him $10 an hour is too much? If I work 5 hours, that is only $50 dollars.
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081104/ap_on_fe_st/odd_halloween_meth lol, here is the story.
  11. You can run dreamweaver under wine in linux, I do it
  12. Did you hear about the kid who found meth in his candy sack?
  13. Lamez

    I smell

  14. In windows, I created a network bridge, but I had two Ethernet ports on my mobo. That way I can play PS2 Online, but was still able to surf the net, and all I really did physically was run a Ethernet cable from my ps2 to my PC.
  15. The next thing in line would probably be, Perl or ColdFusion, but I have no idea.
  16. I was watching a video on YouTube about the LHC, and she was presenting it to the peeps at google, and someone asked what are they using to compress the data that is rendered from the machine, and she said 7-zip, because they found out that is has a better compression rate than the other choices. Then she told him, if he knew\invented anything better to let her know.
  17. What What? Are you asking for a good PHP CMS?
  18. Cloud operating systems would come in handy for businesses or home networks, but not for the whole entire world.
  19. I use to call the all the time to activate my copy of windows. Until I found a ISO on the net that took out the activation processes, and now I never have to call them again
  20. Ya, I do not like the idea of a cloud operating system.
  21. I saw some a Staples, also, why don't you order a bunch in your store, then make they pay for a copy?
  22. You guys and your legal software.
  23. Right, so I think the 3Ghz is a better deal.
  24. Ah, sorry I misinterpreted that
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