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  1. try adding hidden fields to each form you create called 'godate' that will allow your first php block to execute
  2. lol I'm trying to unpack it, but I'm having no luck maybe someone here whose done more work with unpack can get it to work you can probably use substr to manually get the bytes you need
  3. what do you mean.. like a timer? inside or outside of a php script? inside of your script you'd need to just throw yourself into an infinite loop.. outside of a php script.. you can use cronjobs
  4. I'd love to help you.. but you made like no sense also use tags please
  5. why are you using savefile() 3 times just for if and elseif statements.. why not save file ONCE and then store that in a variable THEN do the checks
  6. you could do a sub query like.. SELECT (SELECT AVG(ratings.score) FROM ratings WHERE ratings.article_id = articles.id) As average FROM articles; a join will not really work
  7. flash would be your best bet.. but you say you don't want flash? I know of a guy who made an actual playable version of Super Mario Brothers in JavaScript, but that must be such an outstanding amount of code involved.. if he had made it in javascript it'd have been s much less code, more likely more efficient, and could have built more, with less you will not find any "arcade style" games written in any other language except Java and Flash for playing within the browser
  8. php oop is worthless for this type of thing, php classes for this type of precedure is basically to make this code includeable into multiple files.. php oop is GOOD for creating multiple instances and have them independant of the other instances.. for this purpose classes aren't going to give you an "oop" feel, it will give you a function feel with a nifty wrapper..
  9. imagecopymerge just make 1 sold image.. when it gets sold.. create the image and display that image instead of the first one.. unless you want to add the "sold" like ontop of the image (in html - layered) in which case.. you can just set a div with the image as it's backgound.. and with javascript display "SOLD"
  10. hey shes an orangutan so her tastes are a bit different! I think it could look alright if the menu was a little less.. err.. long.. and yeah if you want to use that logo atleast match some colors to it but if you're gonna keep the current color scheme.. you should go with a blue color logo not a very emo looking logo
  11. things like this make mysql kind've obsolete, basically mysql being a relational database, needs things to relate to other things.. basically to have data work together you need to bounce back and forth.. the correct way to do this with mysql would be to have a "like" table.. with the structurelike so: id | like | dislike | user_id | media_id | comment_id and use this table for everything.. the drawbacks of this.. is you will run outta available ids in the long run.. even though its like some super large never to be reached number on 64bit servers.. ( I don't have this number off the top of my head ) but.. you could do it the WRONG way.. and have it comma seperated... in the particular table for example.. id | media_name | media_source_path | media_description | media_likes | media_dislikes | voters and pull a result.. say I'm voting on video with the id number 37 SELECT * FROM media WHERE id = 37; we now have the row.. pretend I do all the php to get that result set.. if (in_array($_SESSION['id'],explode(',',$resultSet['voters']))) { // hes in here screw him! } else { // hes not!! WOO HOO! // set voters to include his id.. $x = explode(',',$resultSet['voters']); $x[] = $_SESSION['id']; $x = implode(',',$x); if ($_GET['like']) { // 1 or 0 expecting lets say $set = "media_likes = media_likes + 1"; } else { $set = "media_dislikes = media_dislikes + 1"; } mysql_query("UPDATE media SET {$set}, voters = '{$voters}' WHERE id = '{$_GET['media_id']}"); // update that row! } but the WRONG way has some drawbacks aswell.. there is a limit on text fields aswell, but that is a couple gigabytes for large blobs.. its really up to you what you want to do.. those are two ways to go about doing it
  12. in MOST php applications (excluding COMET or PUSH implementations) after the php has finished being executed, php exits.. meaning you cannot continue to modify the output the user sees already.. php is for the most part server side, with another select few exceptions, but for most WEB APPLICATIONS it is 98% server side, with like I said before, COMET and PUSH applications.. JavaScript, however, is a CLIENT SIDE language with another few exceptions.. but for the most part this is the language you will want to utilize to manipulate information already sent to the client (the browser).
  13. haha.. you made a heart aside from your beautiful heart your crazy } needs to be removed for sure, and your error is probably because that crazy } belonged to an if statement which was to see if the form had been submitted which you removed..
  14. register shutdown function will run when php ends.. however, it will not end when a window is closed.. you can set expiration dates to your cookies.. which will be a good idea anyway
  15. thats what I do in my first example with "X" but yes he does make a point about the ascii characters, I'm not a real guru with charsets or anything I just know regex n stuff
  16. curl_exec will block until the transfer is complete.. curl_exec_multi will not block.. but unfortunately php doesn't really utilize events like it should therefore exec_multi should only be used when needed.. for NOW what you should worry about is why the transfer is failing.. you received http status code 301.. which is permanently moved, you need to tell php to follow redirects you do this with the curloption CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION
  17. u don't need preg_replace.. you could just copy/paste the symbols into replace() and replace them as needed
  18. try this regex.. preg_replace("/&[a-z]{2,5};/i",'X',$title); that SHOULD work.. however.. y ou could just pass over with html_entity_decode
  19. why not try this: obj.value += text1 + text2 + obj.value.substr(end, obj.value.length); also note, I really don't see a problem with the code above, if anything the substr is giving you a pain in the balls because it has no data to manipulate oh sorry.. edit #2.. scratch the above.. just add in a clause.. if (obj.value.length) { obj.value += text1+text2; } else { //do ur code }
  20. why would you want to use ajax for this, just click a link and direct them to the page.. page.php?email=1/2/3/4 etc and do it that way and in page.php for 1 make it xxx@bla.com for 2 make it yz2@blabla.com etc etc but if you absolutely want to do it with ajax. (I really don't see a point) you can just request a page via POST OR GET and send a value to it.. here for some pointers.. http://www.openjs.com/articles/ajax_xmlhttp_using_post.php
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