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  1. I tried that and is as good as. Just a few issues though. Im trying to disable the horizontal scroll (without hiding), so it just scroll vertically like a textarea. I tried: overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: scroll; But that hides the horizontal scroll and the lines are overlapping into the hidden area. Is their anyway i can manipulate it so it dont scroll horizontal, it proceeds to next line in the frame. (like textarea) Thanks
  2. <?php $string = "<?php echo 'see it aint highlighted, the html tags from the highlight_string function interfer ';"; echo '<textarea style="width:100%; height:300px;">'; highlight_string($string); echo '</textarea>'; ?> Is their any other way of making it function and look like a textarea? (with the same style) any alternative perhaps? :-\
  3. I've been trying to use highlight_string within textarea tags, but the highlighted code is not contained within the textarea it explodes
  4. I have some code, and im using echo to print the code. The problem is it just prints the code. I've looked at alternatives such as print() and highlight_string() But they all print the code and not execute then print. How would i execute/run the code. For example: $string = '<?php print "hey people"; ?>'; echo($string); Would just echo: <?php print "hey people"; ?> When i want it to look like: hey people
  5. Thanks Semi I'll look into this
  6. if you ran it...then where's the code the author wont let me post it neither tell me how he did, so i just took a quick screenshot ^^, wishing anyone could suggest how'd it could be done There is a program in my textbook that I don't understand how works. Can you tell me how it works? I won't show you the source code, but surely you can tell me how it works, right? atleast post a screenshot so we maybe, can understand you better?, and suggest how it can be done.
  7. if you ran it...then where's the code the author wont let me post it neither tell me how he did, so i just took a quick screenshot ^^, wishing anyone could suggest how'd it could be done
  8. Yes i know that but this one in particular was'nt any random charset, it looks like ascii but the characters, are a php string!, its php which looks like ascii..
  9. Its php i ran it and its php! I'd like to find out how its done, i asked the author but he didnt reveal. I said ascii because it looks like ascii text.
  10. How would you do this? (a base64 type of php string which looks like ascii) Anyone know how could this be done?
  11. ill pretend i didnt see this thread PS: PugJr you remind me of CV lol
  12. ( ip ) is... Im trying to select the columns Rows and ip which are located within the ip table which is a subtable of site_bans So when i go to phpmyadmin i have to click site_bans then click a table called ip then it displays 2 columns Rows and ip.
  13. Im going mad!!!!! I have a table called "site_bans" which contains another table called "ip" how would i do a from? Heres what i've been trying (but no luck) $sql="select Rows,ip from site_bans ( ip ) order by Rows"; Help!
  14. Thanks for all your replies, not still no luck. Let me further explain, if you copy this code, save it and open it: <?php echo "\x64\x69\x73\x70\x6C\x61\x79"; ?> You'll get: display I've created a form which uses $_POST to submit \x64\x69\x73\x70\x6C\x61\x79 (code) and echo it which is supposed to give: display But is just echoing whats been inserted.
  15. Im haivng some trouble when i place. echo "\x64\x69\"; and open it in a browser it echos text. but when i put that some code in a field and submit it just echos whats been submitted. <?php $code = stripslashes($_POST['code']); $submit = $_POST['submit']; if($code == "") echo ""; else { echo "$code"; } ?>
  16. Looks like all the staff are against HTML being a language. 1 persons opinion VS. the phpfreaks staff I know which side i'd agree with.
  17. I need help im trying to create a form which will write to a file and create an array to a variable from the contents of the form fields. The array would look like: $LOGIN_INFORMATION = array( 'me' => 'admin', 'admin' => 'pass' ); The form would be like?: <form action='baby.php' method='post' name='Form'> <input type="text" name="LOGIN_INFORMATION[]" size="25"><BR> <input type="text" name="LOGIN_INFORMATION[]" size="25"><BR><BR> <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit"> </form> <?php if(!empty($_POST["submit"])) { $out='<?php $LOGIN_INFORMATION ="'. (isset($_POST["LOGIN_INFORMATION"])? $_POST["LOGIN_INFORMATION"]:'') .'"; ?>'; file_put_contents("config.php",$out); } ?>
  18. I want to redirect urls based on if theirs a folder matching contained within the "/info/" directory: So this: http://www.mysite.com/folder/ http://www.mysite.com/cake/ http://www.mysite.com/some/ Will redirect to this: http://www.mysite.com/info/tutorials/folder/ http://www.mysite.com/info/downloads/cake/ http://www.mysite.com/info/videos/some/
  19. That worked fine, but it dont display the first option/match, the reason i know this is because Im echo'ing the options and then using file_get_contents, and the results are arranged like: newest at the bottom and oldest at the top. But i want: Newest at the top and oldest at bottom. Anyway to solve that? Maybe this will help (the code im using for file_get_contents) <?php $url = "http://www.site.com/test.php"; $rurl = file_get_contents($url); $i = 1; while($i <= 5) { $start = explode('<b>PDFSearch', $rurl); $end = explode('<br><br>', $start[$i]); $table .= $end[0]; $i++; } echo $table; ?>
  20. Im having some trouble, i am echoing info from a table in to drop down options, the problem is i only want to echo one of each, so say if their were 10 of the same option, I'd only echo the first (1) option. Im guessing preg_match? Heres my code: <select name="script" id="script"> <option value="" selected>- Script -</option> <?php //Include connection include("conn.php"); $sql = "SELECT * FROM scripts"; $result = mysql_query($sql); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { ?> <option value="<? echo $row["script"]; ?>"><? echo $row["script"]; ?></option> <? } ?> </select> Like for example: Drop down echos: awesome, awesome, awesome, I'd only echo the first awesome, the reason i need to echo first, is because its attached to an id. Thanks
  21. I noticed in the footer of the forum home, the latest post/threads has disapeared. Why has it been removed?, just wondering...
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