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  1. Please can my web address link and text be removed from your 'archive' http://www.allwebdevhelp.com/php/help-tutorials.php?i=79307 fifth topic down topic title 'Text Not Showing The Same On Different Devices' Thank you
  2. Thank you for this answer. I was thinking of this and opted to have them enter the full formatted postcode and not one without the space or part code. if they entered B12 then this would get results for B12 but if their postcode was in fact B1 2AB then they would not get the correct results as the my scripts would think they meant B12 ! I was trying to cover too many angles... Seems to work so far. Thanks for your input and best method.
  3. I would like to know how I can get a single result from a table that is like a phrase. My table has all the postcodes like so... B1 B2 B3 CV2 WC1A and if someone enters say B1 2AB or WC1A 1AB that I wish to find the single result that is like the one entered and obtain the other details in the results. What query could I use to do this. My table looks like this... CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `postcodes` ( `Pcode` text NOT NULL, `Grid_N` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'used', `Grid_E` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'used', `Latitude` decimal(12,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00000', `Longitude` decimal(12,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00000', `town` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'THIS FIELD WAS ADDED TO USING THE REGION INFO AS SOME TOWNS WERE BLANK', `region` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'this is now not used', `country` varchar(3) NOT NULL COMMENT 'this is now not used', `country_string` varchar(16) NOT NULL COMMENT 'used', `state` text NOT NULL, `mydummy` text NOT NULL, KEY `x` (`Grid_N`,`Grid_E`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COMMENT='DanGibbs.co.uk Free UK Postcode Database'; INSERT INTO `postcodes` (`Pcode`, `Grid_N`, `Grid_E`, `Latitude`, `Longitude`, `town`, `region`, `country`, `country_string`, `state`, `mydummy`) VALUES ('AB10', 392900, 804900, '57.13514', '-2.11731', 'Aberdeen', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB11', 394500, 805300, '57.13875', '-2.09089', 'Aberdeen', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB12', 393300, 801100, '57.10100', '-2.11060', 'Aberdeen', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB13', 385600, 801900, '57.10801', '-2.23776', 'Milltimber', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB14', 383600, 801100, '57.10076', '-2.27073', 'Peterculter', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB15', 390000, 805300, '57.13868', '-2.16525', 'Aberdeen', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB16', 390600, 807800, '57.16115', '-2.15543', 'Aberdeen', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB21', 387900, 813200, '57.20960', '-2.20033', 'Aberdeen Airport', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB22', 392800, 810700, '57.18724', '-2.11913', 'Bridge Of Don', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM'), ('AB23', 394700, 813500, '57.21242', '-2.08776', 'Aberdeen', 'Aberdeen City', 'SCT', 'Scotland', '', 'UNITED KINGDOM');
  4. I am after one that opens up like an overlay. Over the page content.
  5. I did check it but can not see where I can place the images on the page where I want and then have the user click one to open up the gallery overlay of the larger image and the arrows to scroll through them.
  6. Hey, Thank you for your suggestion, but seen a lot of these. I am after one that will allow me to add to a custom made shopping card and when someone clicks one of the images it opens to larger view and you can then scroll through the rest of the images that were on that page you clicked on. Just like the one I had used in the past that now does not work as it is too old and does not work well with some mobiles.
  7. I have been searching for a few months now and still not able to find what I am after. I have the following code running on my site but now this is causing problems for some mobiles... http://highslide.com/ I am looking for a image gallery where a load of images show on the page and when one is clicked you can then scroll through the rest. I am also looking to place text under the image, one or two lines. Can anyone suggest ones that they have seen/used that I can try out to see if they are suitable. Thanks.
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