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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to run a script using the php exec command. It is called 'Drush'. You might be familiar with it. It's a way to perform certain tasks on a Drupal site using the command line (bypassing Apache). Anyway, when executing my drush command in the terminal manually it works just fine. But when executing it using exec() it doesn't seem to be able to find Drush. I set all the permission of the directory and all its contents to 777 and it is still not working. I am also calling drush using the entire path and not just drush as specified in .bash-profile. Example: /Applications/drush/drush --root="/Applications/MAMP/htdocs" --uri="client2.drupal.local" usu "nodes" Where usu is a custom command and nodes is an argument. Again.., this works just fine when run manually in the terminal. Just not when executed using exec(). I tried executing 'ls' and that does work... Does anybody have any idea what could be the problem here? Thanks! Roderick
  2. I have shared linux hosting (godaddy) and they have Image Magick installed but you can apparently only use it through exec() routines. I find this a pain in the rear and limiting as the image magick api doesn't seem to work to it's full capacity. Maybe it's version thing? they are running ver. 6.2.8; But I can't tell based on Image Magicks not so easy to understand website. $run = exec('/usr/local/bin/convert IN.jpg -size 200x200 OUT.jpg',$out,$err); //WORKS $run = exec('/usr/local/bin/convert IN.jpg -define jpeg:extent=400kb OUT.jpg',$out,$err); //DOES NOT WORK Maybe it's my syntax, maybe it's a version thing, maybe it's an exec() thing? Anybody have experience with Image Magick on shared hosting like this? I just know someone is going to chime in and say "get new hosting" but 1. a virtual dedicated server would pretty much start at $30/month 5 times what I pay now 2. I'm not a sys admin guy or linux guy and can just forsee the headaches. On another note, is there anyway I can increase the memory at runtime? My larger images say around 10mb and up don't process. Thanks
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