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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys just wandered if you can help me on my website in the mailbox section next to the message there is a delete button to obviously delete that current message. However as I am sure you can appreciate it get tedious when you have 20 messages to do them all at once. So I am after putting a button at the top of this column in the table that will delete all the messages in there with one click. Below is the coding of where all this takes place: function mailbox($mes,$page) { global $config; if(!$page) { $page="1"; } $page=($page - 1); $totalmes=mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM messages WHERE toid='".$_SESSION['tid']."' AND rcvddel=0"); $totalmes=mysql_result($totalmes,0); $out[body].=" <div style='float:left;width:69%;margin:5px;'> <table cellspacing='1' cellpadding='1' border='0' width='100%'> <tr> <td width='100%' class='blk_tcon' colspan='5'><b>" . LANG_MAI_MAILBOX . "</b></td> </tr> <tr> <td width='50%' colspan='2' class='blk_tcon_top'>" . LANG_MAI_SUBJECT . "</td> <td width='20%' class='blk_tcon_top'>" . LANG_MAI_FROM . "</td> <td width='25%' class='blk_tcon_top'>" . LANG_MAI_DATE . "</td> <td width='5%' class='blk_tcon_top'></td> </tr>"; $fmail=mysql_query("SELECT id,fromid,subject,active,sent FROM messages WHERE toid='".$_SESSION['tid']."' AND grid='1' AND rcvddel=0 ORDER BY sent DESC LIMIT $page, 15"); while(list($id,$fromid,$subject,$active,$sent)=mysql_fetch_row($fmail)) { $from=mysql_query("SELECT name FROM members WHERE id='$fromid'"); $from=mysql_fetch_array($from); if($fromid == '01') { $froma="Site Challenge"; }else{ $froma="<a href='./profile.php?account=$fromid'>$from[name]</a>"; } if($active == 1) { $icon="<img src='./images/unread.gif' border='0' alt='' />"; $title="<a href='./mailbox.php?action=readmail&mailtype=received&mid=$id'><b>$subject</b></a>"; }else if($active == 2){ $icon="<img src='./images/read.gif' border='0' alt='' />"; $title="<a href='./mailbox.php?action=readmail&mailtype=received&mid=$id'>$subject</a>"; }else{ $icon="<img src='./images/replied.gif' border='0' alt='' />"; $title="<a href='./mailbox.php?action=readmail&mailtype=received&mid=$id'>$subject</a>"; } $out[body].=" <tr> <td width='5%' align='center' class='blk_tcon'>$icon</td> <td width='45%' align='left' class='blk_tcon'>$title</td> <td width='20%' align='center' class='blk_tcon'>$froma</td> <td width='25%' align='center' class='blk_tcon'>$sent</td> <td width='5%' align='center' class='blk_tcon'> <form method='post'> <input type='hidden' name='mail[id]' value='$id' /> <input type='hidden' name='mail[mailtype]' value='received' /> <input type='hidden' name='action' value='delete' /> <input type='submit' class='button' name='submit' value='X' style='color:red; font-weight:bold;' title='" . LANG_MAI_DELETE . "' /> </form> </td> </tr>"; } if($totalmes == 0) { $out[body].=" <tr> <td width='100%' align='center' colspan='5' class='blk_tcon'>" . LANG_MAI_MAILBOX_EMPTY . "</td> </tr>"; } $pagenow=($page + 1); $pages=1; if($pagenow==1) { $skipranks.="[$pages] "; }else{ $skipranks.="<a href='./mailbox.php?page=1'>$pages</a> "; } $arank=1; $brank=15; while($brank < $totalmes) { $arank=($arank + 15); $brank=($brank + 15); $pages++; if($pagenow==$arank) { $skipranks.="[$pages] "; }else{ $skipranks.="<a href='./mailbox.php?page=$arank'>$pages</a> "; } } $out[body].=" <tr> <td width='100%' align='center' class='blk_tcon' colspan='5'>$skipranks</td> </tr> </table> </div> ".TOP_MENU.""; include("$config[html]"); } </tr>"; That is the whole coding of the mailbox received section, as you can see the messages section is all done in form coding so can i pop a nice button at the top to delete all or does it have to be check boxes and stuff. For help with the view of this I have attached a screenshot Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. So on my spare time, I am architecting a PHP service oriented application, which uses web services. I want to architect a solution for delivering global, service, and user specific messages in the application. These type of messages would appear to the client after they have logged in. They would obviously be maintained at a database level but I need to build some pretty little php classes that can grab the data and display it in my application to the client if messages exist. Is there a name for something like this? I am struggling on how to best design this solution so it is flexible and it would be nice to gain perspective on this topic. I just don't know what to look for and often times my results are related to designing a message system where clients of an application can communicate to each other, which is what I am NOT looking for.
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