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Found 3 results

  1. Was there ever a spam filter for the posts here? It seems like I see a lot of spam since the last server crashes. I'm sure something can be added to the forum. Minimum 1 approved post before including a url in a post? Blocking the common bad words?
  2. So I have been slowly working on a custom forum. I have recently been trying to implement an achievement system. For the most part achievements would work based on the users amount of posts amount of characters in a post amount of replies on a post time past from the users join date. I was hoping to find out how I could put an entry into a database field based on the above. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hello. I'm having trouble understanding the below code: <?php $dirName = 'secondDir'; $handle = opendir($dirName); while($printFiles = readdir($handle)){ if($printFiles != '.' && $printFiles != '..'){ echo "<a href = '".$dirName.'/'.$printFiles."'>".$printFiles."</a></br>"; } } closedir($handle); ?> Specifically, it's the if statement that's giving me a hard time. I know what it is, and I know what it does, but I don't understand the logic behind the condition; how does it work to remove the dots before the file list? Are the dots part of the readdir structure? If they are, then how come they can be removed by asking to print out a file list IF they aren't a part of it? I'm not sure if I am making any sense, but if anybody understands, could you please explain this to me? Thanks.
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