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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I made a search engine and now I am trying to find an open source spider for its. I have a database phpmyadmin, where are around 200 urls, descriptions, titles and keywords and now I want connect it with spider to add more results in it.
  2. I've used this code on my script, but for some reason its giving me a bad result. else if ($site==3) { //$content=file_get_contents('data/tp2'); $content=httpGet('http://thepiratebay.se/search/'.urlencode($string).'/0/99/0'); preg_match_all('#<tr.*>(.+)</tr>#Us',$content,$m); $array=array(); foreach ($m[1] as $k =>$v) { if (strpos($v,'detLink')===false) { continue; } preg_match_all('#<td.*>(.+)</td>#Us',$v,$m2); $array[$k]=array(); $array[$k]['size']=0; foreach ($m2[1] as $k2 =>$v2) { switch ($k2) { case 0: $c=strip_tags($v2); $array[$k]['category']=substr($c,0,strpos($c,'>')-1); break; case 2: $d=trim(strip_tags($v2)); $array[$k]['date']=convertDate2($d); break; case 1: preg_match('#<a href="([^"]+)".*>(.+)</a>#Us',$v2,$m3); if (isset($m3[1])) { $array[$k]['id']=$m3[1]; } else { $array[$k]['id']=''; } $name=trim(str_replace(' ',"\n",strip_tags($m3[2]))); $array[$k]['name']=$name; break; case 4: @list($num,$base)=explode(' ',trim(strip_tags($v2))); $array[$k]['size']=toB($num,$base); break; case 5: $array[$k]['seeds']=trim(strip_tags($v2)); break; case 6: $array[$k]['peers']=trim(strip_tags($v2)); break; } } if (empty($array[$k]['id']) || empty($array[$k]['category'])) { unset($array[$k]); } } This is how its coming out on my project site. Date, Size, Seeders, Leechers are not showing anything. Any ideas why this happens? Also the word i used on search was "adobe". Thank you get.php
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