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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all ! I have launched my project using the aws EB CLI and its installed as desired. After the installations I needed to change the folder and file permissions and so I logged into the EC2 instance using putty ( I have not yet explored the configuration files enough to set the permissions from there ), as ec2-user and found my project under var/app/current symlinked to the HTML folder. Further all my folders and files under the current folder have the user : group set as webapp : webapp. Now I am not sure what this webapp is but i guess its a user that was created by the elastic beanstalk. Here is my working project structure on my VM. All folders have user:group as ec2-user : apache and the permissions of each folder are as labelled: |--project(root) ---- index.php | 775 644 | |--hidden(below root) --- scripts (710) | 710 --- includes (710) | ---- images ----image1.png (660) | (730) ----image2.png (660) | When I set the permissions same as above in the EC2 instance, My hidden folders become inaccessible. I guess this is because of the wrong user:group settings. So how do I set the correct ownership and settings with the aws elastic beanstalk to make this work with the settings that I have mentioned above. Thanks all !
  2. Hi all ! I have been trying to achieve the equivalent of Adding an Amazon RDS DB Instance to Your PHP Application Environment using CLI. I have searched for it without success and now I am wondering if I should be using the console for this purpose instead. I am also wondering if it is possible to achieve the same with a CLI. I tried the sample applications, using the console panel, and I was able to use it correctly. I believe that I read somewhere in the documentation that if I wanted to use GIT with EB, then I should use the CLI instead of the console since the CLI facilitates automation. Now I have successfully tried out my sample application ( bare minimum) using GIT and it works as does the functionality of GIT, but I am unable to connect the external RDS instance ( that I created before creating an EB instance) to it now from the CLI. I'll be very grateful for any help on this. Thanks all !
  3. Hi all !, While I have deployed the code to an aws instance using bitbucket deploy add on, I am unable to find the correct method to deploy a folder outside the webroot. I am sure it can be achieved by making some changes to the appsepc.yml file, but I am unable to achieve it so far. Grateful for any help, Thanks !
  4. Hi all ! I have launched the simple php sample application in beanstalk and it works fine. I wanted to save the environment configuration and then relaunch the same application using aws cli. 1. I cannot find a method to view / read/ edit the saved configuration that I created from the console. So I cannot use that configuration to relaunch the same application using aws cli. The I thought I would simply try and change the application Source (appsource) of the application that was generated from the console to a git. However I have not been able to find any way to achieve that either. This article seems to do just that but uses an older version of the aws cli. I can't seem to find its equivalent either. Would be grateful for any help on this. Thanks all !
  5. Hi all ! I have been trying to automate some simple tasks using the configuration files. However, while i do not get any errors in my log files and the application is deployed successfully, the configuration files are not executed or so it seems ( else I would get an error if they failed). Here is two files configuration files that I was just trying out. 21_copy_xsendfile_conf.config: files: "/home/ec2-user/21_copy_xsendfile_conf.sh": mode: "000750" owner: root group: root content: | #!bin/bash cp scripts/activate_xsendfile.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/ another version of the same as above ( since I was not sure which was correct ) :- 21_copy_xsendfile_conf.config: files: "/home/ec2-user/21_copy_xsendfile_conf.sh": mode: "000750" owner: root group: root content: | #!bin/bash cp scripts/activate_xsendfile.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/ and then the 2nd config file to install the xsendfile module: 22_copy_to_conf.config: container_commands: 21_copy_to_conf: command: "/home/ec2-user/21_copy_xsendfile_conf.sh" All the config files are placed in the .ebextensions folder. Both versions of the 1st file and the 2nd file seem not to work. I do not get any error either. I am assuming that the code in these files is correct since I do not get any error either. Please can someone point what the mistake or how i may go about it. The folder structure is myprojects |-------- .ebextensions |---------- .config files |--------- project |----------index.php |---------scripts | |------ activate_xsendfile.conf Thanks all !!
  6. I have an AWS EC2 linux instance running a PHP app for use by anyone from their browser, and developed by myself as owner. The directory tree is: /var /var/www /var/www/html /var/www/html/AWS_s /var/www/html/AWS_s/nm-app /var/www/html/AWS_s/cr-app The owner, groups & permissions are: drwxrwsr-x 10 root www 4096 Dec 25 01:03 /var/www drwxrwsr-x 5 root www 4096 Feb 26 22:42 /var/www/html drwxr-xr-x 6 ec2-user www 4096 Feb 25 22:14 /var/www/html/AWS_s drwxr-xr-x 7 ec2-user www 4096 Feb 24 20:29 /var/www/html/AWS_s/nm-app drwxr-xr-x 4 ec2-user ec2-user 4096 Apr 9 19:05 /var/www/html/AWS_s/cr-app Any ideas as to why /cr-app was automatically given the group ec2-user rather than the same group as nm-app which is www? I have not changed any groups.
  7. Hi all ! I wonder if there is some way to deploy a database to the aws ec2 instance. No where have I found any reference / tutorial/ post to the automated deployment of the database in aws. I am sure it can be accomplished using a combination of a the yml file and a bash script but I have next to none experience with both. Any help is sincerely appreciated ! Thanks all !
  8. Hi all, I am getting the following warning in the log file and because of this, I think, the library functions are not working. For e.g. if I write code with strlen() or mb_strlen() lib functions, the code fails to work. Here is the simple test code which gives an http error 500.: <?php $sl = "astha12ah"; sayname($sl); function sayname($n){ $len= mb_strlen($n, 'UTF-8'); echo $len; // echo strlen($n); echo "<br>"; echo "<br>"; echo $n; return; } ?> Any help appreciated in resolving this. Thanks all !
  9. Hi all, I have been trying to set file and folder permissions on my projects files and folders using yml. While it works for the files on my project folder, it does not work on the folder itself, or folders in the project folder. It also does not work on folders outside the root i.e. folders on the same level as the project folder. How may I achieve this ? Thanks all ! Project Structure: /project --- | -- folder1 // permissions not set | |-- my-file-1.txt // permissions set | |-- my-file-2.txt // permissions set | -- folder2 // permissions not set | |-- my-file-3.txt // permissions set | -- my-file-4.txt // permissions set | -- my-file-5.txt // permissions set | -- my-file-6.txt // permissions set | | outside_root --- // permissions not set for any files or folders | -- folder3 | |-- out-file-1.txt | |-- out-file-2.txt | -- folder4 | |-- out-file-3.txt | |-- out-file-4.txt | -- out-file-5.txt yml file : version: 0.0 os: linux files: - source: /project destination: /var/www/html - source: /outside_root destination: /var/www/outside_root # For project directory permissions: - object: /var/www/html owner: ec2-user group: apache mode: 755 type: - directory # For outside_root directory - object: /var/www/outside_root owner: ec2-user group: apache mode: 710 type: - directory # For project files - object: /var/www/project owner: ec2-user group: apache mode: 644 type: - file # For outside_root files - object: /var/www/outside_root owner: ec2-user group: apache mode: 640 type: - file
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