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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to using this API. https://www.blocktrail.com/api/docs I can retrieve the first layer value using this. $global_trans_id = $client->transaction($post_transid); $api_transaction_id = $global_trans_id['hash']; echo $api_transaction_id; As you see "hash" is the first layer below. But what if I want to retrieve the second layer such as a value from "Inputs" or "Outputs" like "$global_trans_id['address'];". How would that look? { "hash": "c326105f7fbfa4e8fe971569ef8858f47ee7e4aa5e8e7c458be8002be3d86aad", "first_seen_at": "2014-03-11T08:27:57+0000", "last_seen_at": "2014-03-11T08:27:57+0000", "block_height": 290000, "block_time": "2014-03-11T08:27:57+0000", "block_hash": "0000000000000000fa0b2badd05db0178623ebf8dd081fe7eb874c26e27d0b3b", "confirmations": 31130, "is_coinbase": false, "estimated_value": 70000000, "total_input_value": 70070000, "total_output_value": 70030000, "total_fee": 40000, "estimated_change": 30000, "estimated_change_address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "high_priority": false, "enough_fee": true, "contains_dust": false, "inputs": [ { "index": 0, "output_hash": "d283ab6edd394b8a69d6943ea3a29a679d92176b112b1f69ffb9b70cf27dec5a", "output_index": 2769, "value": 2730000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script_signature": "0x49 0x3046022100bb3d102afd0d57be618aeaa7432bc038dea928bec0af6b8cba37c7ec85701e3d022100c467073956b385f08fbfbc2e130d8f76deb7c5436ba245afca4678200b127c2001 0x21 0x02aa6584518e528be497be65fba84913b7d0cb55158f4e7922298923286a7f6156" }, { "index": 1, "output_hash": "b350de75f9c27b457fa6cefb7072af8aa94de53ccedff4ec06ce885d63645e1d", "output_index": 2764, "value": 2740000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script_signature": "0x48 0x3045022059c6cc77c0a7c3a3a1ab0678690178750f2b5e442dc6f9331835be4cdb087cc00221008fca79860ab8f15acba61522b4f8482909cadfdf79dca7790efabf71c7c12d3701 0x21 0x02aa6584518e528be497be65fba84913b7d0cb55158f4e7922298923286a7f6156" }, { "index": 2, "output_hash": "fa3f040de013ddbe4a5746c89d32de2cac147845682e7d26119fd686a57e0b65", "output_index": 2549, "value": 2930000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script_signature": "0x47 0x304402207266d8c69d2c28e4050a90f48209768554e1470999a2259b000fd3c096edc39f02207b7f6a6b7ca7952249a1a1f3064e6a3f573fcd6700084e2fe71ce8f3d3f2be8301 0x21 0x02aa6584518e528be497be65fba84913b7d0cb55158f4e7922298923286a7f6156" }, { /* ... */ } ], "outputs": [ { "index": 0, "value": 70000000, "address": "1JSywyhFSvCC4NGALvKoyX5xng86QaigAN", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script": "DUP HASH160 0x14 0xbf641337e3ab4eaae788a72bafedb965749882b2 EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG", "script_hex": "76a914bf641337e3ab4eaae788a72bafedb965749882b288ac", "spent_hash": "71acf863d37d9d18524607e3dd68128b91ddc43dfe32f620ec124ceff3bb3295", "spent_index": 34 }, { "index": 1, "value": 30000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script": "DUP HASH160 0x14 0x5b8986608535c96923769138ad5be236a091b791 EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG", "script_hex": "76a9145b8986608535c96923769138ad5be236a091b79188ac", "spent_hash": "400f77fff18e24d1a770c0e1ca85434ca5e4cd0f6e1489e5849256cc71f9ec0a", "spent_index": 2 }, { /* ... */ } ] }
  2. I am using this API https://github.com/blocktrail/blocktrail-sdk-php. I am suppose to add this to top of my directory where I want to initialize the API. require 'vendor/autoload.php'; use Blocktrail\SDK\BlocktrailSDK; But the second line gives me an error. use Blocktrail\SDK\BlocktrailSDK; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'use' (T_USE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\site\templates\header.php on line 12 Is the "use" a correct syntax for php? Why is it giving me an error?
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