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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, I am struggling with a pdf. On our server I get the pdf as a byte array from the database, which I then build up in a StreamingOutput object and return as a pdf file. This is done using java using JAX-RS service. Now when I open the path/link in my browser(chrome/firefox) the pdf opens in the browser. So this means my backend is working. On my webapp I want to use $.ajax to download the pdf and view it in an Iframe or embed it in an <embed> or <object> tag. I need to do this as the service call is actually under username and password, and we do not create a session between the browser and the server - there is a long explanation for this. I saw the option to use http://[username]:[password]@www.myserver.com/... but this was dropped by most browsers. This is why I am trying ajax. Now in my ajax call I do receive the pdf in the success function as: %PDF-1.4.... This open the browser's pdfviewer correctly and every thing, but the pdf only returns blank pages. The Base64 is a java object that I found on the internet. But I have tried it without the base64 but still now luck. Here is my success function from my ajax call. success: function(data, status, xhr) { var pdfText = Base64.encode(xhr.responseText); var url = "data:application/pdf;base64," + escape(pdfText); var html = '<embed width=100% height=600' + ' type="application/pdf"' + ' src="' + url + '">' + '</embed>'; $("div.inner").html(""); $("div.inner").append(html); }, Can anyone help me? Kind regards
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