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Found 3 results

  1. I am on the first year at college studying computer science and they sent me to write a php program that can change a decimal number to IEEE754 standard on 16bits. I know most of you will laugh because it is very easy but I need help. this is what i got so far. ALL i need is how to control the mantissa.. you know, save 10 numbers.. and how to control the while loop so he stops when i have 10 spots on mantissa.. <?php echo "Enter any number\n"; $number=trim(fgets(STDIN)); $low=floor($number); $decimal=$number - $low; $real=decbin($low); while(0<$decimal<1) { $mantissa[]=$decimal*2; } echo "\n"; ?>
  2. Hi There, I am trying to make a login system with PHP and I have made one but I can't see the problem, it just keeps taking me back to login.php. All files involved attached. Many Thanks for Your Help in Advance. includes.zip
  3. Hello. I designed a system a bit back and kinda cobbled it together. I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any security implications with the following setup: Usernames & passwords are stored on disk as a php array. A user enters their username and password into a form. On submit, the page include()s the username file & the checks to see if their username exists is the array. If it does, it checks that the password matches. If it does, a session variable key is assigned (username), with the username as the variable. As the user navigates the site, the session variables are maintained (session_start()), ensuring that a valid user is logged in. Is the above system relatively secure? Yes, it would be better over ssl and yes it would be vulnerable if a user managed to get read access to the files in the directory in which the usernames.php file is stored but it's on a hosting service which I believe to be secure and the uploader system ensures that uploads are stored in a separate directory with valid file extensions (.jpg etc). Thanks in advance for any advice. Toz
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