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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Newbie here, but I'm trying! So, I'm trying to read from a file which contains an IP address then, insert that IP address into my code which, then, opens a telnet session. My code is working but when I read the IP address from the file, the PHP code inserts spaces between the numbers and dots in the IP address, so, instead of reading I'm getting 1 9 2 . 1 6 8 . 1 . 1 which telnet wont recognise. Here is the code:- ?php require_once "php-telnet/PHPTelnet.php"; $telnet = new PHPTelnet(); $file = fopen("switchIPs2.txt", "r") or exit ("File not found!"); { while (!feof($file)) { $ip = fgets($file); $result = $telnet->Connect($ip); } if ($result == 0) { $telnet->DoCommand('password'); $telnet->DoCommand('en'); $telnet->DoCommand('password'); $telnet->DoCommand('copy running-config tftp:'); $telnet->DoCommand(''); $telnet->DoCommand(''); $telnet->DoCommand('end'); $telnet->DoCommand('exit'); } } fclose($file); ?> Please let me know if you require any further information to help me! Your time is very much appreciated. Kind regards, Jamie.
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