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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, This is the output from a var_dump($array); command: array (size=381) 0 => array (size=2) 'Name' => string 'apple' (length=6) 'Number' => float 0.368844763 1 => array (size=2) 'Name' => string 'Blueberry' (length= 'Number' => float 5.59E-6 2 => array (size=2) 'Name' => string 'Cinnamon' (length=5) 'Number' => float -0.0006947 3 => array (size=2) 'Name' => string 'Date' (length=10) 'Number' => float 0.001584453 ... ... ... I want to sort this array from the highest 'Number' float value to the smallest. I tried sorting it with rsort($array,SORT_NUMERIC); but that doesn't give the correct output. What kind of 'sort' should i use to do this?
  2. Hello All, So I have a two column layout. The left column is 700px and the right 300px. In order to get them right next to each other I floated one left and the other right. The problem with that is the container that they are both in loses its 100% height. Is there another way to get them next to each other without floating them or do I have to use max and min height?? thanks guys!
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