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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I've got quite a few fields in my tables that i've serialised to keep the number of fields down. For everything else that works perfect as it stores the data and when needed I can use the following as an example: $dateofbirth = unserialize($row['dateofbirth']); $dobday = $dateofbirth[0]; $dobmonth = $dateofbirth[1]; $dobyear = $dateofbirth[2]; Date of birth is stored as dd,mm,yyyy and for everything else I can call it fine. My issue is now that i'm trying to use fputcsv to create a csv file using the following: $result = mysqli_query($con, 'SELECT u.user_id, b.dateofbirth FROM Users u INNER JOIN Basic b USING (user_id) ORDER BY user_id DESC'); $fp = fopen('latest.csv', 'w'); fputcsv($fp, array('User ID', 'DOB' )); The CSV generates, but for the date of birth column in the csv it outputs as "a:3:{i:0;s:2:"03";i:1;s:2:"02";i:2;s:4:"1986";}" because it's obviously still serialised. What is my best and or easiest way of handling these fields? Many thanks in advance.
  2. I'm haveing a heck of a time trying to figure this out. All I want to do is save a SELECT array (mysql) to a CSV file. Here's what I'm trying. It $result = "SELECT product.reference AS sku, product.price - specific_price.reduction AS price, stock_available.quantity, marketplace_product_option.asin1 AS 'product-id', 'ASIN' AS 'product-id-type', product.condition AS 'condition-type' FROM product, specific_price, stock_available, marketplace_product_option WHERE product.id_product = specific_price.id_product AND product.id_product = stock_available.id_product AND product.id_product = marketplace_product_option.id_product;"; $fp = fopen('/home/aonewebs/public_html/amazon-export.csv', 'w+'); if ($fp && $result) { while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) { fputcsv($fp, array_values($row)); } } creates an empty file (even though therer are 3000 lines to that array. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Any and all help greatly appreciated. Ron
  3. HI all, I am using php code to write into my csv file , its able to write successfully but every time i run my code the older data is lost and csv file is left with data which only the current run contains. I used this <? $list = array ( array('aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc', 'dddd'), array('123', '456', '789'), array('"aaa"', '"bbb"') ); $fp = fopen('test.txt', 'w'); foreach ($list as $fields) { fputcsv($fp, $fields); } fclose($fp); ?> Any suggestions??? Many thanks .
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