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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I need to add one more function in my wordpress plugin. below is the sample code working for 2nd tier. Now i need a same function for 3rd and 4th tire. Function explanation I am A and i refer B and if B made any sale means I (A) will get direct commission for that sale. If B refer C and if C made any sale means (B) will get direct commission for that sale. And in this sample code me(A) also get commission for that sale as a 2nd tier. Now C refer D and if D made any sale means © will get direct commission for that sale and (B) will get 2nd tier commission. So here (A) me too should get 3rd tire commission and i need that function. Please help me. function wp_aff_award_second_tier_commission($wp_aff_affiliates_db,$sale_amount,$txn_id,$item_id,$buyer_email,$buyer_name='') { global $aff_tx_msg; $clientdate = (date ("Y-m-d")); $clienttime = (date ("H:i:s")); if (get_option('wp_aff_use_2tier') && !empty($wp_aff_affiliates_db->referrer)) { $aff_tx_msg .= '<br />Using tier model'; wp_affiliate_log_debug("Using tier model",true); $award_tier_commission = true; $duration = get_option('wp_aff_2nd_tier_duration'); if(!empty($duration)) { $join_date = $wp_aff_affiliates_db->date; $days_since_joined = round((strtotime(date("Y-m-d")) - strtotime($join_date) ) / (60 * 60 * 24)); if ($days_since_joined > $duration) { $aff_tx_msg .= '<br />Tier commission award duration expried'; wp_affiliate_log_debug("Tier commission award duration expried! No tier commission will be awarded for this sale.",true); $award_tier_commission = false; } } if ($award_tier_commission) { if(!empty($wp_aff_affiliates_db->sec_tier_commissionlevel)){ $second_tier_commission_level = $wp_aff_affiliates_db->sec_tier_commissionlevel; wp_affiliate_log_debug("Using the affiliate specific 2nd tier commission for this referral. 2nd tier commission level: ".$second_tier_commission_level,true); } else{ $second_tier_commission_level = get_option('wp_aff_2nd_tier_commission_level'); wp_affiliate_log_debug("Using global 2nd tier commission for this referral. 2nd tier commission level: ".$second_tier_commission_level,true); } if (get_option('wp_aff_use_fixed_commission')) { $commission_amount = $second_tier_commission_level; } else { $commission_amount = round(($second_tier_commission_level * $sale_amount)/100,2); } $campaign_id = ""; $is_tier_comm = "yes"; global $wpdb; $aff_sales_table = WP_AFF_SALES_TBL_NAME; $updatedb = "INSERT INTO $aff_sales_table (refid,date,time,browser,ipaddress,payment,sale_amount,txn_id,item_id,buyer_email,campaign_id,buyer_name,is_tier_comm) VALUES ('$wp_aff_affiliates_db->referrer','$clientdate','$clienttime','','','$commission_amount','$sale_amount','$txn_id','$item_id','$buyer_email','$campaign_id','$buyer_name','$is_tier_comm')"; $results = $wpdb->query($updatedb); $aff_tx_msg .= '<br />Tier commission awarded to: '.$wp_aff_affiliates_db->referrer.'. Commission amount: '.$commission_amount; wp_affiliate_log_debug('Tier commission awarded to: '.$wp_aff_affiliates_db->referrer.'. Commission amount: '.$commission_amount,true); } } return $aff_tx_msg; }
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