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Found 3 results

  1. Is javascript navigation effective and smart? In one of my old web pages I used javascript for navigation. The code is listed below. I have knowledge of PHP includes. Currently I do not have web hosting which allows PHP(bills are tight so I opted for temporary free hosting). Would my below code be a good temporary fix until I can pay for hosting and use PHP includes? Are there any other methods? I appreciate all the help and/or ideas. var arrow = '<span>ยป </span>'; var clearance = 0; home = new Array(); home[1]= "<span class='asep'>Welcome</span>"; home[2]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Home</a>"; home[4]="<a href='http://safepiercing.org/en/piercing/body-aftercare' target='_blank'>"+arrow+"Piercing Aftercare [APP]</a>"; home[5]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Contact Us</a>"; computers = new Array(); computers[0]="<span class='asep'>Body Jewelry</span>"; if(clearance == 1) { computers[1]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Clearance</a>"; } computers[2]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"New Arrivals</a>"; computers[3]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"On Sale</a>"; computers[4]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Dermal Anchors</a>"; computers[5]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Barbells & Tongue Rings</a>"; computers[6]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Navel Rings</a>"; computers[7]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Non-Piercing Jewelry</a>"; computers[8]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Curved & Eyebrow Rings</a>"; computers[9]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Labret & Monroe Rings</a>"; computers[10]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Nipple Rings</a>"; computers[11]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Horse Shoes</a>"; computers[12]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Plugs & Tunnels</a>"; computers[13]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Guaged Tapers</a>"; computers[14]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Captive Bead Rings(CBR)</a>"; computers[15]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Twists & Hoops</a>"; computers[16]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Nose Rings</a>"; computers[17]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Retainers</a>"; computers[18]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Body Jewelry Parts</a>"; computers[19]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Skin Divers</a>"; computers[20]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Cartilage & Tragus</a>"; computers[21]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Fake Plugs & Tapers</a>"; computers[22]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"316L Stainless Steel</a>"; computers[23]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Surgical Steel</a>"; computers[24]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Titanium Body Jewelry</a>"; computers[25]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Acrylic Body Jewelry</a>"; computers[26]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Organic Body Jewelry</a>"; computers[27]="<a href='#'>"+arrow+"Bio-Flex/PTFE</a>"; control = new Array(); control[1]="<span class='asep'>User Controls</span>"; control[2]="<a href='#' onclick='window.print(); return false'>"+arrow+"Print This Page</a>"; control[3]="<a href='#' onclick='addbookmark(location.href,document.title);'>"+arrow+"Bookmark Us</a>"; if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") { control[4]="<a href='#' onclick='setHomepage(\"http://google.com\");'>"+arrow+"Set As Homepage</a>"; } function writeLinks() { document.getElementById('homelinks').innerHTML = home.join(""); document.getElementById('computerslinks').innerHTML = computers.join(""); document.getElementById('usercontrol').innerHTML = control.join(""); } setTimeout(writeLinks, 0); // Fires the function on page load without stopping other loads
  2. Hey guys I'm at a bit of a snag. I have a script on this page [ http://vampire-news.webs.com/quote.htm ] which is supposed to show a different quote each day of the year. I have an array of 366(for leap years so the script does not fail) quotes. Each day it should display a different one. To write the quote I have a div with an ID of dayQuote and I am using document.getElementById("dayQuote").innerHTML = Quote[DOY]; to write the quote to the desired div. The issue is it doesn't work. In Chromes javascript console I get the following error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null" I don't know what I am doing wrong. Thanks for any help.
  3. anyone can help? i wanted to do something like e.g. when the user click on radio button, id =RadioGroup2_0 it will set the session variable $_SESSION['SELFPOST'] to shopping.php. but the problem is, it didnt works as what i have thought.. <input name="RadioGroup2" type="radio" id="RadioGroup2_0" value="5" checked="checked" /> <input type="radio" name="RadioGroup2" value="10" id="RadioGroup2_1" /> <script type="text/javascript"> { document.getElementById('RadioGroup2_1').innerHTML = '<?php session_start(); $_SESSION['SELFPOST'] = "shipping.php"; ?>'; }
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