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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know how i can develop interface between XML and MDB files? Actually, i need to convert files from XML into MDB and vice versa. Approximately, how much time it will take?
  2. Hey guys, I need to do some Interface Analysis and then re-design on something like a website or software UI and I really can't think of what to do it on. Any suggestions? Regards, Rad
  3. What do you think? i have been looking around for something similar to use as a part of my cms. <?php class Git { private $_binPath = null; public function __construct($binPath = null){ $this->_binPath = stristr($binPath,' ') ? '"'.$binPath.'"' : $binPath; chdir(dirname(__FILE__)); } public function __call($method,$params = array()){ $addition = null; if(is_array($params)&&count($params)>0) $addition .= ' '.implode(' ',$params); exec($this->_binPath.' '.$method.$addition,$response); return $response; } } $git = new Git('C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Git\\cmd\\git.exe'); var_dump($git->init()); var_dump($git->add('.')); var_dump($git->commit('-m "Test Commit"')); var_dump($git->status()); ?>
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