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Found 2 results

  1. Having a tough time getting multiple select count statements to return a result. Tried a few different way, but just looking to tally individual table rows. Any thoughts? $res = array(); //output array $query = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM tbl_1"; //assign count to an alias (column), but tried it without also $query .= "SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM tbl_2"; if($mysqli->multi_query($query)){ do { if ($result = $mysqli->store_result()) { $row = $result->fetch(); //tried this with fetch_row() and while loop $res[] = $row['count']; } else { echo "store result returned false."; } $result->free(); } while ($mysqli->more_results() && $mysqli->next_result()); } $mysqli->close(); print_r($res); Thanks in advance.
  2. I been trying to figure this out for about 3 or so hours (usually I wait 3 days of trying to fix something before I post here, but I can't wait xP) . . . and I am sure - as always - someone sees a simple fix and saves the day on PHPfreaks. Below is the code and details of what is happening is below. $stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT question, uniqueid FROM pollquestion WHERE status = 1"); $stmt->execute(); $stmt->bind_result($question, $uniqueid); while ($stmt->fetch()) { echo "<center><div class=tablebox><h5>$question</h5></div></center><br><div class=tablebox>"; if (!$mysqli->query("SELECT optionname FROM pollchoices WHERE pollid = $uniqueid")) {echo "Multi-INSERT failed: (" . $mysqli->errno . ") " . $mysqli->error;} else{ $stmt2 = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT optionname FROM pollchoices WHERE pollid = ?"); $stmt2->bind_param('s', $uniqueid); mysqli_free_result(); $stmt2->execute(); $stmt2->bind_result($option); while ($stmt2->fetch()){echo "$option";} $stmt2->close(); } echo "</div>"; } $stmt->close(); With this I get the error "Multi-INSERT failed: (2014) Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now." I looked it up on Google and it was saying I should use multi_query. I replaced the query with multi_query and still no luck and no change in error. So I changed it back. I do stuff like this a lot in my coding and never came across this error. Should I be using multi_query? I never used it before, if so - how should I be using it? This is what I am trying to get to happen: I get the question for the poll and the unique id. With the unique id I can find out what poll options goes with it. That is all I want to do and I cannot get the poll options to show.
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