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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Folks, Firstly I am new, I have read several topics here and learned a lot, I would class myself as 'slightly better than basic', but my knowledge is mostly gained from reading code. I am making a simple POST form for work, the data gets inserted into MySQL, nice and easy, I can make it work if I write out the statement completely, BUT I need to make a new form, it will have HUNDREDS of input fields, I really don't want to write the code, and I figured programmatically is a good way to go anyway as forms change and new forms may be required, so I set about building a function to completely handle my post data, bind it to a statement and insert it into a table, I have scrapped it a half dozen times already because something fundamentally doesn't work, but I am very close! The function can write the statement, but I need to bind the POST values before I can insert, something going wrong here and I would appreciate some help, I have a feeling it's a problem with an array, but anyway I will show you what I have, give you some comments as to my reasoning, and hopefully you can help me with the last bit public function getColumnNames($table){ $sql = "SELECT COLUMN_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS WHERE table_name = :table"; try { $stmt = $this->dbh->prepare($sql); $stmt->bindValue(':table', $table, PDO::PARAM_STR); $stmt->execute(); $output = array(); while($row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $output[] = $row['COLUMN_NAME']; } $all = array($output); $a1 = array_slice($output, 1); // I don't want column 1, it contains the ID, its auto incremented. $a2 = array_slice($a1, 0, -3); // I don't want the last 3 columns as they have default values $selected = array($a2); // contains all the columns except those excluded by array_slice, columns now match all of the input fields on the form foreach ($selected as $row){ $fields = "`" . implode('`, `', $row) . "`"; // I'm making `fields` here, $bind = ":" . implode(', :', $row); // And making :values here } return array ( "raw" => $all, "fields" => $fields, "bind" => $bind ); } catch(PDOException $pe) { trigger_error('Could not connect to MySQL database. ' . $pe->getMessage() , E_USER_ERROR); } } public function addRecord(){ $col = array(); $col = $this->getColumnNames("table"); $raw = array($col['raw']); $fields = array($col['fields']); $bind = array($col['bind']); $columnList = implode('`, `', $fields); $paramList = implode(', ', $bind); $sql = "INSERT INTO `{$this->dbtable}` ($columnList) VALUES ($paramList)"; return $sql; // this returns something like: INSERT INTO `table` (`field1`, `field2`, `field3`) VALUES (:field1, :field2, :field3)"; perfect I thought, now I just need to bind the values from $_POST... then I get stuck.
  2. i have table call test id name dob mobile 1 xyz 1989-01-11 9878785687 2 pqr 2012-01-11 9977889988 3 abc 2010-09-19 7766554433 id is auto increment. now i have to add a record between 1 and 2 like udp 1977-09-08 9898009800 So my data table should be like this: id name dob mobile 1 xyz 1989-01-11 9878785687 2 udp 1977-09-08 9898009800 3 pqr 2012-01-11 9977889988 4 abc 2010-09-19 7766554433 Help me....
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