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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I am developing an application that involves php and flash. Flash is on the server too in the form of swf file running inside an HTML page. I would like to know what security issues loom large with such applications. I would be happy if someone can come out with some known security issues and also point to some that could occur and should be looked into. I am using Flash 8.0 with actionscript 2.0. I am aware that swf can be disassembled. How easy is that and what can be done to prevent someone from doing so? The interaction of Flash and PHP occurs as follows: Once the client is logged in he can activate the flash movie page which is like a game. The game gets its stored values from a database so the flash connects to php and is fed from it the initialisation values for the movie to start. The movie plays and some values are generated during the game ( almost all integers & 1,2 dates). Once the game ends these values are stored back into the database by flash calling the php and POSTing data into the database through it (php). One question that i wanna ask is that since the program is generating the values, do i need to take the security measures on the posted data and validate and escape it before storing it into the Mysql database? Can these values also be intercepted by a malicious user and changed before the php stores them in the DB? Any knowledge on this that anyone here considers relevant is very welcome,. I would be happy for any and all responses on this issue from all the gurus here and thank you all in advance. Have a great day all !
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