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Found 4 results

  1. I have a php code that call a process (a java program). The process runs in background for a so long time - from 1 minute to 2 hours. I make the process call using exec: <?php function execInBackground($cmd) { if (substr(php_uname(), 0, 7) == "Windows"){ pclose(popen("start /B ". $cmd, "r")); } else { exec($cmd . " &> /dev/null &"); } } $command = "java ... ReadEmailsCmdLine 2>&1"; execInBackground($command); echo "FINALIZADO"; Though the command runs in background it looks that the PHP code wait for the command completion to send a answer to client browser because I just see "FINALIZADO" after the java program finished its execution. Does someone know how I can solve this problem? Or at least does have a hint/pointer for that? Since now I thanks any comment/suggestion
  2. I have a full working order form in PHP. I process it and display it with a process page called "process.php." Whenever this information is displayed on the web page "process.php" I also want it to send me an e-mail with all of the information that it just processed. i.e. Checked checkboxes, text entered, etc. Whenever I try to send the contents of "process.php" to an email $message = include 'process.php'; the process page just goes through an infinite loop displaying itself over and over again instead of sending itself in an email.
  3. Hi, I am working in PHP from few years.Currently working Web Services from mobile development. I have some complex situation.I describe in steps. 1. Mobile device call a Web Service Method with few parameters. 2. It will hold (stop execution) for given params seconds (e.g 30 Seconds). 3. In this given time if any other request arive from same device ,this "step 1 " process should not execute ahead. Can any expert guide me this process. I am not sure that how it will work ? Regards, Uresh Patel
  4. Hello All, If I have a newsletter process script with name and email, is there a way to identify if the email is an email address? For example johndoe@gmail.com. I kind of want to think of a way to identify if it is a real name as well. Maybe just ask for first and last name. Thanks,
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