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Found 6 results

  1. Im setting up members on my site i want the profile url to be like www.mywebsite.com/NATHAN but not go to a folder on my server called nathan but instead go to mywebsite.com/?profile=Nathan
  2. So I have a user profile setup where it's linked unique username using $_GET session. That all works. Now here's a bit that I didn't think of. I can't display the same profile that I view to other users; because then the content on the profile page would be relavent to the person logged in. For eg. $get_username = $_GET['user']; if($username === $get_username) { $stmt = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id = $userid"); //display user's profile to himself only. } else { //display user's profile to everyone else } My set is like that. The problem with that is, I can't get the same content to show on the the profile that's viewed by other users; because I'm using current logged in user's id to get records from mysql db.
  3. Hey guys, so i have a website that has info outputted from my database. the data is users that are signed up right now lets say i have 10000 users each linked with their own image to their profile from amazon cloud based system. Unfortunately, 20 percent of my users don't have an image, and their box shows a missing image box. What i want to do until the user submits or a image is available, is to use my own image stating that the "image is not available". i just want to know what is the best approach to get this to work. is the done with an if statement ? i just am drawing a blank. any suggestions ? much appreciated.
  4. updation in profile using email if a person has a account in a website (may be job portal, or any other site) and that person wants to update his profile in his e-mail account without opening his account on that site(job portal), then what will be the code for updating his information in his email itself ?
  5. Hi could you please help me with the functions used to resize a image when users upload profile picture and allows them to resize it by using a transformation scale
  6. I have received 3 "xxx likes your post" notifications yet the count displayed in my profile on reflects 2.
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