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Found 1 result

  1. I am working on a quiz app image 1 shows the index.php page image 2 shows the first question image 3 shows the second question image 4 shows the third question image 5 shows the result after completing the quiz image 6 shows the database 'quizzer' and its tables image 7 shows the 'questions' table image 8 shows the 'choices' table THIS LINK CONTAIN ALL THE CODE (and images) I HAVE DONE SO FAR https://www.mediafire.com/folder/g5ao7f5q0fe6y/quiz 1.Now my question is how to select the question RANDOMLY from 'questions' table along with 'choices' (by adding code to the existing file or create a new one). 2.If user refresh/reload the page before starting ('Start Quiz') or click 'Take Again' after finishing the quiz, the question should appear randomly. 3.Basically I want to change the order of question appearing in the browser each time I refresh. 4.My work so far is mentioned above.........Please help me with this "RANDOM" problem !! P.S - Will it be possible, by creating a random function in PHP which will check for repeat questions in a session and check for the 'id' of the question and if it is new display it on the page. If so what should I do and if no then how to do?
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