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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am having trouble with this code and would like to see if anyone can help me. I have been trying to write a bit of code that would check in the database if the users role is either admin or something else. and then allow them to view the page or show a message stating "they are not the admin" Heres is the code. <?php require("head.php"); include("navbar.php"); require("common.php"); { $query = " SELECT id, username, password, salt, email, role FROM users WHERE username = :username "; $query_params = array( 'role' => $_POST['role'] ); $row = $stmt->fetch(); $_SESSION['role'] = $row; if($_SESSION["role"]=='admin'){ echo "<h1 class='container well'>YOU ARE IN!</h1>"; } else { echo "<h1 class='container well'>you need the admin role!!!!</h1>"; } } include("footer.php"); ?> I think I have mucked this up completely and might be writing the wrong thing? or I am missing a big chunk. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I was wondering but how would I make it so that people when on my site can't access certain files like 'footer.php' which is used as an include in PHP like so: include 'footer.php'; Basically I just want it so if the person tries to access domain.com/footer.php it'll return an error. Thanks.
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