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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! I'm makeing car booking module and have one problem. Explaining... There is tree joined tables "books", "car" and "cat". When i joining this three table it retrieves ids from table "car", but i want ids from "books" what to do? Can you help? Thanks <?php if($db->connect_errno > 0){ die('Unable to connect to database [' . $db->connect_error . ']'); } $query = " SELECT * FROM books LEFT JOIN car ON books.car_id = car.id LEFT JOIN cat ON books.cat_id = cat.id WHERE books.owner = '$owner'"; $result = mysqli_query($db,$query) or die("Error: ".mysqli_error($db)); $myrow = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_BOTH); if(mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0){ if($db->connect_errno > 0){ die('Unable to connect to database [' . $db->connect_error . ']'); } do { printf ('<tr> <td>'.$myrow["id"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["model"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["cat_name"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["name"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["surname"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["country"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["phone"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["notes"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["start_date"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["end_date"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["owner"].'</td> <td>'.$myrow["site"].'</td> <td><a href="delete.php?id='.$myrow["id"].'">Delete</a></td> </tr>'); } while ($myrow = mysqli_fetch_array($result)); } else{ echo '<p align="center" style="margin-top:100px;">There are no records...</p>'; } ?>
  2. i am trying to develop a registration form where the user fill the form and submit it then the status and the id should be displayed. i have used uniq_id function to generate a random id and with the help of this reference id i can retrieve the actual ID and display it back to the user. But unfortunately i am successful with the first registration after the first registration it throws an error that Error: "Warning: mysql_result(): Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 9". my code: <?php include(conn.php); $id = $_GET['id']; $adv = $_GET['adv']; $name = $_GET['name']; $address = $_GET['address']; $pincode = $_GET['pincode']; $email = $_GET['email']; $fax = $_GET['fax']; $mobile = $_GET['mobile']; $amount = $_GET['amount']; $ddchno = $_GET['ddchno']; $bank = $_GET['bank']; $register = mysql_query( "insert into exbadv ( refid,adv,name,address,pincode,email,fax,mobile,amount,ddchno,bank) values ('$id','$adv','$name','$address','$pincode','$email','$fax','$mobile','$amount','$ddchno','$bank')"); $id = $_GET['id']; $result = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM exbadv WHERE refid = '$id'"); echo 'Your Registration id is ';echo mysql_result($result,0); ?> Plz help me out,thank u.
  3. what are the ways we can retrieve the data in the result set of MySQL using PHP there are many ways like mysql_fetch_array mysql_fetch_object mysql_fetch_assoc but what are the other ways (if any) and what are the basic difference ?
  4. hello guys i have been tryning this code for quite sum time now. it sends sms but i want the server response to display without refreshing the page, i have use cURL extension and cant seem to get it working. the script run smooth but it return the url as the response and it does not execute the url here is the code <?php class send { public $username; public $password; public $destination; public $sender; public $msg; public $type; public $dlr; public $url; function __construct() { } function send_sms(){ $posturl = ''; $number = $this->destination; $number = urlencode($number); $msg = urlencode($this->msg); $type='0'; $dlr='0'; $url=''; $posturl = $posturl."source=".$this->sender."&username=".$this->username."&password=".$this->password."&type=".$type."&dlr=".$dlr."&destination=".$number."&message=".$msg; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $posturl); curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); $response = curl_exec($ch); return $posturl; } } ?> i have no idea wat am i doing wrong. the results are getting captured by javasript from the original page but only display the url and does not execute it
  5. Hi... A scenario: A client has their own database. I don't know what what kind of database just yet. Waiting to hear back. But they want put a csv file or some kind of mysql dump file outside of their firewall every friday for us to use to populate a mysql database on a different server where their website is hosted - where we are building their website. Can this be done feasibly? How would we do this?
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