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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for something like iPython is for Python, but a shell for JavaScript. If you don't know iPython, what I'm looking for is a terminal that interpret JavaScript codes in real time, so I can type some commands and see their output. I always find this kind of interpreter very useful when I'm learning a new language. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have one big XML file (600 MB - 850 MB) in format "cells_yyyymmdd_hhmi.xml" I would like to specify that everyday i will have new file with new date. So, there should be general way to rea For exmaple, i have file of 7th January. Its, cells_20140107_154016 Goal is to split into small parts by shell script and do operation.
  3. Hello, I have one "tar.Z" file. Objective is to unzip it by shell script and check the date. File archive: filename_20140103_1540.tar.Z #!/bin/bash cd $REP_DATAS/path u=$(date +%u) if [ ${u} -eq 1 ] ; then dateQ=`date --date='-3 day' +'%Y%m%d_%H%m'` else dateQ=`date --date='-1 day' +'%Y%m%d_%H%m'` fi tar xvf filename_"dateQ".tar.Z THANKS IN ADVANCED.
  4. I have been developing in PHP for quite some time now and only recently started getting into bash/server scripting. My question, is there any practical use to use bash scripts with PHP? Do any enterprise level applications use it? To my understanding, it can be used as a link to tie multiple languages together like RUBY, PYTHON, PHP, PERL etc. i.e. `ruby my_useful_ruby_script.rb` // <- does something incredibly cool that PHP fails at?? WOULD THIS BE PRACTICAL?? SECRUTIY ISSUES? Do you use shell scripts in your code to do cool things?? Let me know
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