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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to get a large (~60MB) XML file into a database and it is giving me fits. A sample record from the XML file looks like this: <entry> <ent_seq>1002090</ent_seq> <k_ele> <keb>お手盛り</keb> <ke_pri>news2</ke_pri> <ke_pri>nf33</ke_pri> </k_ele> <k_ele> <keb>御手盛り</keb> </k_ele> <r_ele> <reb>おてもり</reb> <re_pri>news2</re_pri> <re_pri>nf33</re_pri> </r_ele> <sense> <pos>&n;</pos> <gloss>making arbitrary decisions which benefit oneself</gloss> <gloss>self-approved plan</gloss> </sense> </entry> So, I can have 1 or more <k_ele> elements and within each I can have 1 or more <ke_pri> elements. I need to decide what to do with the record based on the the content of ke_pri elements. Same issue with <r_ele> elements. So, I read the XML with SimpleXML and then because I don't know if each r_ele and re_pri is an object over which I need to iterate or a variable I have ugly code that looks like this: if (is_object($r_ele)) { foreach ($r_ele as $reading_element) { $re_pri = $reading_element->re_pri; if (is_object($re_pri)) { foreach ($re_pri as $value) { switch ($value) { // decide what to do here } } } else { switch ($re_pri) { // decide what to do here } } } } else { $re_pri = $reading_element->re_pri; if (is_object($re_pri)) { foreach ($re_pri as $value) { switch ($value) { // decide what to do here } } } else { switch ($re_pri) { // decide what to do here } } } I know that there must be a more elegant way to do this and would love suggestions of how I can improve my code.
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