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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am David. I hope be good, my friends. Excuse me that I can't speak English good. My job is make site with PHP. But it has very low income in my country. I make site with all the features of Facebook that it be written base completely. And it has high security. I intend sell it in The America. Price my site is about 3000 Dollar in my country. It is very low price for site that be worked on it for about two years. You think that what can I sell it, in the America?
  2. hi, i want to display members banners on my site that i'm making from scracth.The banners urls will be retrieve from the mysql database.the site url will not be display on the site but when a visitor clicks the banner the site url will be taken from database and redirect the visitor to the member site.i don't want people to upload banners to folders because of satey reasons so instead they have to give me their banner urls.i want to have many members so i won't be able to check every banner and i don't want reciprocal banners because they can hurt the site if it has malware.i have another question can malware appear on site with just the banner url? or do people need to visit a member site to get malware or viruses?.thanks. echo "<a href=\" " . htmlentities(stripslashes(constant('MY_SITE_URL'))) . "/". "?Clicked=" . urlencode($row['MEMBERID']) . "\" target=\"_blank\"> <img src=\"".$row['MemberBannerUrl'] . "\" alt=\"banner\" border=\"0\" height=\"60\" width=\"468\"></a>";
  3. Hello, I have used Single Translation Table Approach to make multilanguage site in PHP. You may see here The current index page is not working. My objective is to have one example to use these tables and display one working page. For example: It should work like this by using those tables (app_language, app_product, app_translation, app_translation_entry). What i did so far on my home page: <!DOCTYPE html> <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['current_language'] = "fr"; $con = mysql_connect("localhost","worksite",""); if (!$con) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error()); } mysql_select_db("worksite", $con); ?> <?php // handle language selection if(in_array($_GET['lang'], $languages)) { $_SESSION['lang'] = $_GET['lang']; } // define LANG constant only if it exists in $languages array, otherwise default to EN define('LANG', in_array($_SESSION['lang'], $languages) ? $_SESSION['lang'] : 'fr'); define('LANG', in_array($_SESSION['lang'], $languages) ? $_SESSION['lang'] : 'en'); // display language options foreach($languages as $language) { echo '<a href="?lang='.$language.'">'.$language.'</a>'; } $sql = "SELECT p.*, l.name as language_name, te.field_text as title FROM `app_product` p INNER JOIN `app_translation_entry` te ON p.title = te.translation_id INNER JOIN `app_language` l ON te.language_code = l.code WHERE p.id = 1"; if($result = mysql_query($sql)){ while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){ echo "Language (".$row["language_name"]."): ".$row["title"]."<br>"; } } // Retrieve appropriate title according to the chosen language in the system $sql = "SELECT p.*, l.name as language_name, te.field_text as title FROM `app_product` p INNER JOIN `app_translation_entry` te ON p.title = te.translation_id INNER JOIN `app_language` l ON te.language_code = l.code WHERE p.id = 1 AND te.language_code = '".$_SESSION['current_language']."'"; if($result = mysql_query($sql)){ if($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){ echo "Current Language: ".$row["title"]; } } ?> </body> </html> You may edit this file as you wish but it should be working as per example link (demo). I want to build static website from above approach. Thanks in advanced for your time and input.
  4. Hi, there's a site I saw which allows it's users to upload a link that will be implemented to the site. Now I was wondering but how would you do this in PHP? To elaborate I would like it so that the user can upload a link and it'll implement it on the site through php? So for example I want to add a link to the site WITHOUT having any kind of login required, so something like "www.google.com" and after it'll appear on the site under a list. How would I make it so it does this function? Thanks.
  5. Hey Guys, I have a situation that has been bugging me for a long time, my website is currently hosted on a virtual machine on my home PC. I have my domain which redirects to a dynamic dns which points port 80 to port 8080 on my router, that port fowards to the virtual machine as it's network adapter allows me to put it on my local network as a PC with it's own IP address. When anyone connects to the website the URL stays the same so they still think they are visiting the same URL and not the redirected one. Let's be honest that is how a website should work. Connecting to the website and everything else is fine, however if you change from the page you see initially, the home page, the URL will not change at all. Any link salso redirect to the original domain and any following directories, yet the URL will stay the same no matter how you connect to the website. If you connect to a different page other than the home page, say /contact.html then no matter where you go on the site the URL stays as /contact.html. I have a feeling this is because I host it at home without DNS on my network pointing to places and I've not figured out a way to do that instead, but I also cannot understand why it wouldn't amend the URL? Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks guys! Emrys.
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